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I just downloaded the latest version of Fidelia, and noticed that now the 'Small' interface setting is damned huge. Has this happened for anyone else?
So does anyone have suggested settings for Fidelia (including advanced options)? At the moment, I'm finding it to be quite harsh.    
I think it's great that there is a burgeoning variety of music apps on Mac OS, but I have to say... I find it impossible to tell a difference between any of them.   Maybe it's my system? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe there really isn't a difference. Bit Perfect = Bit Perfect, etc etc. Of course, I would like to be proved wrong - I simply need evidence. Expectation bias appears to be rife when dealing with these types of things, and anecdotal evidence...
I started having problems with Max and then I switched to XLD. I haven't looked back since. Give it a try :)
Hi guys,   I'm on the lookout for a new DAC and I think I'm choosing between either the Maverick D1 or the Firestone Spitfire. I will probably be plugging the new DAC into my Macbook Pro via optical, and then plug the DAC into my Cantate. I'm wondering if anyone here has had experience with these two DACs? The Tube pre-amp of the Maverick also looks like a pretty juicy extra that the Spitfire doesn't feature. I've never used a pre-amp, so I'm not exactly sure what...
Midlake - The Courage of Others Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest David Bowie - Station to Station
Thanks a lot for the help, folks!
Hi guys, I'm considering buying one of these, and I just have a question;   If I want to use this as a DAC on my Macbook Pro, is it possible to use the Optical input on my Macbook Pro, and then plug the D12 into my Meier Cantate via the RCA inputs? How would I go about doing this? Do I simply connect the D12 to my Cantate via a Mini->RCA cable via the Aux output?
I'd also like to hear more about the Libby.
Are you using this on a Mac or PC?
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