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I braided the strands quite loose, so the cable isn't very stiff. No problem with mircofonics so far - but depends on the phones I think.   Concerning the transparent wires: My cable had 2 transparent and 2 blue conductors - just used the transparent ones of course.
New cable for my LCD2, made from Mogami 2534 internals and Neutrik plugs   Close up :
DIY of course :-) Got the single wires from a mogami 2534
Forget what I wrote - it was just nonsense. I have a 9-0V winding and two 30-0V windings.   I got the instructions from Rondo Mueller how to connect everything.   Still will need some more time before I can work on...     To cheer up my mind I did something quicker and more easy:
Very basic electronics question:   I got 2 new transformers (custom wound, two identical ones now with 9V and 30V each)   Due to my unpreciseness in the order, I got them 2x12V instead of 12-0-12 center tapped.   Now I tried to figure out how to connect them to the PS but got more confused the more I read ^^
I meant physical size, since I dont habe much room.
I just took the avel lindberg torroids because they came with the kit and never made problems before in my other builds.Think I'll get some new ones from rondo now. What size are your's stixx?   High DC-offset at amp startup - have you ever measured that?
hi there, I'm back - and still having noise problems.   Good news is that I finally found out where (at least a part of) the hum came from.     Here's a picture of the now final interior of the case:   I shifted the AC wires from the 30-0-30 torroid a bit and the hum was much less - crazy.     Now there's still some kind of buzzing noise, higher pitched than the usual 50Hz hum. Apart from that, there's no hum or noise even with open inputs and fully open...
Today I finally managed to put in the e12.   Wired OG seperately from each board to the e12 and from there to the headphonejack - tying them together there.   Now again, there's a slight hum ... (where the amp was quiet before.)   At the moment I'm experimenting with the wire routing, we'll see :-)
My head is indeed buzzing :-D     For the moment I'll settle with what I have accomplished 'til now.     I really gotta concentrate to hear the hum on the left. On my right ear I can't hear it anyway since I got a 40dB hearing loss up to 1Khz - maybe the only benefit of that f****** acute hearing loss... :-(     Now I'll wait until I get the AMB e12 and see what happens after adding that to the circuit.     Next step is cutting a piece of acryl glass that...
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