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Is there another PH for sale now?
Hi there, I'd like to create my own cups for the Th X00 and so I am looking for some help. Of course I could simply measure everything, but I think there are people here that have done that before and eventually with better tools and techniques. I have access to a fearly good lathe and (through a friend) a CNC machine is also at hand. So if you got any data, drawings or whatever let me know. Greetings from Germany Sathimas
Hi there,   I'm looking for construction data to make my own custom wood cups for the Fostex TH X00.   Just pm me if you got something.
Adding my newest observation:   Had the phones connected directly at turning on the amp, had no hum when the e12 let the signal pass.   Got hum, starting quiet and becoming louder after a few seconds, the hum started to "oscillate" getting loud and quiet at maybe 1  volumen-change per second - then the e12 started to switch on and off.     Any idea where the problem might be?
Well, this amp is driving me absolutely mad.   I changed the resistor-values according to ambs website to decrease the sensivity of the e12.   While doing that, I changed nothing about the internal wiring of the amp. (It was hum-free before)   Now after getting the e12 (half) to work (still a bit jumpy) the hum is back.   Changed the ground wiring to cavallis alternative wiring then with no effect - changed to normal ground scheme and the hum was gone.   For...
no offense taken.   Ground wiring on the EHHA is really confusing ...
 There is no extra ground connection, since the jack is not tied to Star ground,but to the amp out ground terminals directly. Tried this while solving my hum problems. I could try the old sheme now ...
 By "engage" I mean it switches off the outputs.  I don't quite understand your question? Amp out is not connected to star ground. Amp ground (next to Amp out) is directly connected to the jack from both boards.  Star ground is connected to the ground tap of the power inlet (called "IEC" in my last post).   yes, see the picture for the wiring, it works now.    Hope I could clarify things a bit.
Waking the thread from the dead ...   My exstata gave me a shock some days ago!   I was listening to some music (moderate levels) with my Lambda Pro when suddenly the sound started distorting on the left channel and I got some deep hum too.   Unplugged the phones of course and tested them on my srm xh where they worked properly - so the extata seems to be the problem.   I ran through the setup again today and checked all the voltages and found nothing too...
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