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  Older pic with a little more light :-)   Amp inside the case is a Cavalli Audio EHHA Rev. A
Finally done after 4 years and three months...
Done ... I'll look up the dimensions
Board size see cavalli Audio The board in the back is an amb e12
You're right :-)
It's alive !     Some of you will remember my struggle with the ground wiring and non-defeatable hum.   Now I finally had time to install the custum wound transformers I bought in June 2014...     It's a real dual-mono build now since the transformers are 30-0-30 and 0-9V each. They also have two different shields, which are not connected atm.     No hum anymore, just some static hardly hearable with my Musical Fidelity MF200.      If this ain't no good...
Hi there,   I built two tangent tread power supplies some years ago and used them for my jisbos buffers.   I'd like to know if they can be powered from the +/- 24V AUX-output of a B&O Icepower module?
The exstata is discontinued.   You will not get any boards and Mr. Cavalli will most likely not share the PCB-data.   You could contact him throught his website.
 What kind of wire did you use?That looks fantastic, although the style itself is not my taste.
I braided the strands quite loose, so the cable isn't very stiff. No problem with mircofonics so far - but depends on the phones I think.   Concerning the transparent wires: My cable had 2 transparent and 2 blue conductors - just used the transparent ones of course.
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