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cool thread, its interesting, as it mirrors myself to some extent, in that some years back when i was active here, had a "high end" setup, sold it all, moved on, and am now, getting back in the game (not to the same extent) my budget isn't as big as the OP's albeit we are dealing in different currencies, so i decided to start with the headphones i wanted, rather than do it all in one package deal so to speak, so i bought the fostex th-900's, and intend, intend being the...
payment sent.
Hi Mate,   Will take these off your hands, treating myself for birthday in a few weeks! am in the UK, and can pay via verified paypal :)   edit: pm sent  
does anyone know where the serial number is located on the k550's themselves?  cheers.  
still waiting for my amps, i ordered in august 2007. 5 years and counting  
hi, am after a working slacker g2 dock   must be willing to ship to UK - verified paypal awaits...   thanks
bumpety bum.
still available, please, no more lowballers or tyre kickers offering a figure that would only cover the postage. thanks
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