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 Still seems a bit silly to me. While everyone cares about audio quality to varying degrees, I don't think anybody MUST listen to the Audeze sound while travelling. Especially if you're taking public transportation, on a flight, or actually around other human beings. I got excited until I saw that I wouldn't be able to use it at work.
So has it been confirmed that they're open IEMs? Does that mean it's really only for home use?
Looking to sell my DACport that I've been using in the office. It's been a trooper and does not move around very often. FULL DISCLOSURE - the volume knob is a bit scratchy. If you turn the volume up and down, it'll start to go away but I didn't want to deal with sending it in to get it fixed. Everything else works and it still sounds as good as it did when I first got it. Let me know if you have any questions.   Price includes paypal and shipping.
Can you post a link? I don't see them on headroom.
Will you have new products? :)
I'm pretty excited about tomorrow. To confirm, I'm bringing my stax lambda pros and the woo wee. 
I'll be there later in the day so I probably won't bring anything unless someone really wanted to listen to my concero -> auditor -> DT990's or Woo-wee->Stax lambda pros. I wouldn't bring an amp though so unless someone else has an integrated i could borrow, most of that stuff will stay at my house. But if someone is interested in the stax, i have it on sale so that would be a great a way to try before you buy :)
I just want to try something different. I don't think the stax synergize well with my setup.
 Whoa...calm down. What did i ever do to you?
If your hotel is close to the meet, you should try Hop Doddy's. it's a burgar joint with adult beverages. 
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