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Can you post a link? I don't see them on headroom.
Will you have new products? :)
I'm pretty excited about tomorrow. To confirm, I'm bringing my stax lambda pros and the woo wee. 
I'll be there later in the day so I probably won't bring anything unless someone really wanted to listen to my concero -> auditor -> DT990's or Woo-wee->Stax lambda pros. I wouldn't bring an amp though so unless someone else has an integrated i could borrow, most of that stuff will stay at my house. But if someone is interested in the stax, i have it on sale so that would be a great a way to try before you buy :)
I just want to try something different. I don't think the stax synergize well with my setup.
 Whoa...calm down. What did i ever do to you?
If your hotel is close to the meet, you should try Hop Doddy's. it's a burgar joint with adult beverages. 
Maybe people who have the SR-303/404 should buy one of the lambda-pros in the FS section so they can give us more input instead of spamming my notifications every couple hours. 
 If you don't think price is a good measure then please enlighten me with the best way to measure equipment. Are we going to assign one guru to say whether one piece of equipment is high end vs another? What if they arbitrarily decide that the only amp you really need is one of those ones built from a mint tin can? Are you willing to accept that as my recommendation? The reason that people don't want to respond is because if those who are serious enough to look into...
 It's not that nobody wants to answer you. It's just that this post is posted in the wrong forum. If you are looking for high end gear, be ready to spend 2k+. If you are looking for something more reasonable for your DT880's, I would repost in the amp section because they would give you options from $100-1500. I would suggest the spl auditor.
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