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Price drop to $1100 shipped
Price drop to $1150 shipped
The EVS 500Ms are a pair of super high powered 525wpc (8Ω) monoblock amps based on the ICEpower 1000ASP module.  These amps weigh only 7.5 lbs each, yet can output up to 1175wpc into 4Ω each while running slightly over room temperature.  This module is used in many other high end amps, such as the Bel Canto Ref 1000s which retail for $4000 a pair.     They were built by Ric Schultz of EVS.  As such they have a lot of tweaks over the stock units, including:   Standard...
One and only price drop to $175 shipped  
The Nuforce Icon HD is the little brother to the HDP with the only difference being the number of inputs, the HD can only be used via USB.  The HD outputs 24/96 I2S to the same DAC as Nuforce uses with their higher end players.  This feeds a set of analog outputs and a high current headphone amplifier. Condition: I am the second owner and this is in mostly good condition.  I did find a couple small nicks that I did not notice before.  The faceplate is clean but...
No, never tried it.  I had it in stereo mode running a pair of Rothschilde A2s with a TVC passive pre and NOS dac.  Sound was amazing.
No, sadly.  This in stereo was more then enough for me.
Its both.  If you look at the pic of the rear there is a switch on the back to go from stereo to bridged mode.  The XLR can only be used when the amp is bridged, while the RCAs can be used in stereo or bridged mode.  When bridged the power increases to 80wpc.
Monarchy SM-70 Amp - Price: $335 shipped The Monarchy SM-70 is a 25wpc pure class A stereo amp.  It is small in size but built like a tank.  It is a very smooth sounding amp that has been described as tube like.  The sound has lots of detail, is very dynamic, and exhibits excellent imaging.  I personally had it running a pair of Stone Image Audio Rothschilde A2s and it was a perfect pairing. As this is a class A amp this thing runs hot, the heat sinks are not just...
Promitheus Audio Reference 1 TVC - Price: $375 shipped   Typically volume controls throw away excess energy as the volume is decreased while a Transformer Volume Control (TVC) instead uses a transformer to convert the drop in voltage to increased current.  As such this preamp uniquely sounds sounds better as the volume decreases.  This makes a TVC the perfect preamp for those who like to listen at more reasonable levels, or for those with high gain amps.  As for a...
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