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I see. I don't know a lot about Google Wallet, but that might work. As long as it's not PayPal I don't have a problem with it.   Interesting, most of the business sales we do on Canuck Audio Mart are with EMT, or if I do business with any other canadian on head-fi it's the same also. Maybe I'll just limit this to Canada only. Thanks for the heads up.
 For me variety beats having one perfect set-up.I don't know about the 717 though, I personally don't feel that amp powers the 007 enough.
 The fad of spending 1000-1500 on a flagship could easily be driven by the Beats craze and people spending $300 on a bad headphone. If $300 is the price of an old flagship then $700-1000 doesn't seem like all that much.So, if we see Beats and their 60% of the market go up in price, I think it will be a good indication that the next flagships will be considerably higher.
 A $10 000 amp with a $13 alps pot.That makes no sense.
 Thanks for your response. Yeah, from what I've read the HD800 and 009's approach did seem to be not that different. I also agree with you regarding transforming a driver into something entirely different.Although Stax has responded heavily to source and amp upgrades. From memory I consider the KGSS-HV 2x as good as the 717, and since I got it for 2x the price, that's a decent price:performance ratio.Haven't gotten a chance to hear the HD800 from other amps, but just...
 I thought the characteristic e-stat sound was the tonality, particularly the transparency.
Is the 009 a bit bright thru the KGSS-HV? Or does it sound kind of like an e-stat HD800?
I just reviewed the HD800 and compared it to the 007 a bit. I hate to say it, because the 007 are one of my favorite headphones, but I associate them more with diminishing returns than the HD800.
Lol. I deleted that because it makes the hobby sound masochistic. Maybe it's not the best analogy because ideally it really should be about having fun and not getting emotionally invested. A sense of humour is pretty important.  But anyway if you're enjoying the analogy that's awesome. I just like chatting with you because your canadian hehe.
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