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I second the AD2000, or an AD900. Why switch headphone manufacturers? You might end up buying some **** you don't like and have to get a  amp too that you don't need.
^wasnt that FOTM years ago? why not listen to them first then nominate them zzzz
113.5 Kilograms 59 Kilograms 32.1 Kilograms
Over the M50 I'd prefer it anyday, Just too many wholes in the M50 frequency response for me to feel even close to comfortable with it.However, I think the Omega 2's are a little better. That's the mixing rig I'm building.No low budget mixing headphone will cut it in the long run no matter how you slice it. In this way you're right.
Disclaimer: I'm not a basshead, but I do listen to hip hop and electronic music about 75%, then Jazz for 20%, rock for 5%. Omega 2 - 10 Audio Technica W5000 8.0 Audio Technica W11JPN - 7.7 HD650 balanced Beta 22 - 7.6 Audio Technica AD2000 - 7.5 Senn HD650 - 7.3 Audio Technica 900ti - 5.9 Yamaha YH100 - 5.7 K-501 - 5.2 Beyerdynamic DT531 - 5 Senn HD25-1 4.9 Audio Technica ES7 4.7 AKG K271s mk2 w/ SPC cable 4.3 Beyerdynamic DT-770-80 pro 4.2 Senn HD280 4.1 K240 Sextett MP...
Yeah from what I've heard of the M50, 10 minutes of listening to a friends, it was bested pretty easily by the Sony 7506, once again, 10-15 minutes of listening. For actually doing budget mixing on headphones I'd recommend The HD280 over either of them. YMMV  
I'm trying to find a comparison between the KGSS-HV and the BHSE and the closest thing I can find i s Asr's old mini-review of the BHSE and a regular KGSS.   Has anyone done a comparison of the BHSE with the KGSS-HV?
Great headphones. I can't imagine ever selling my pair, even though I'm missing some scews on one of the ear cups haha.
I like closed headphones a lot. I used to like the Senn HD2 25-1 better than my Beta 22 balanced HD 650's. Then I broke them and replaced them with Audio-Technica ES7, which I liked better than my AD-2000's at the time. Now I'm pretty content with Audio-Technica ATH-A900Ti. But I am an Audio-Technica fanboy at this point :/
Replying to PMs Canada Post strike, so there isn't going to be any movement on this until the strike is done.
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