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Sennheiser Hd800 bought in Jan 2016. I'm the first owner, and I have the box + manual.  I never ended up getting the frequency response graph from Sennheiser.   Wire was stripping a little bit after the Y-split, so I bandaged it with electrical tape.   Asking 725 including shipping.   Edit: Added before and after pictures
$600 + shipping. There will be no price drops passed this, however I might split the D2D-1 and DAC, since this guy has been offering me 300 CAD for the D2D-1. In which case I'd sell the Assemblage 3.1 for $500.   The previous owner upgraded the caps and internal components consistent with the Platinum + upgrade.   Comes with i2se cable, power cable.
November or Dec 2014.
Stax 007 electrostatic headphones, the better sounding pair of the two I've owned. I used them for 9 months on a daily basis, but they have since been sitting in storage.   I accept EMT, PayPal, and money order.               Feel free to message me me if you have any questions. Thanks!
Are you attached to 24/96? There's some killer vintage DAC's.   If HD650's are veiled (I thought so) and es9018 are bright, that's prbly decent.   IMO there's sometimes some deals to be had at around 1.5k on the used market.  Having not heard it at all if I were on the used market, I'd consider the Berkeley Audio Design one possibly.   Or if I found a nice vintage DAC that wasn't too worn out. There was a nice Assemblage DAC1 on ebay for like $100 last week. I'd...
I'd put all of your money into a DAC lol.   You can get way awesome amounts of tight bass in a good DAC.
depends on the EDM. downtempo, prog trance are unbeatable on Stax imo DnB is HD800 wonderland. Which NiN do you reccommend?
In my experience, amps with more than 1W @ 32 ohms can make them distort. So these headphones are super sensitive. However the Dynalo+ works ok with them, which I think is rated slightly higher than 1W. The E.C. Super 7 with 1.1W makes them distort a bit. A dynahi (~6W?) will probably damage the drivers if you leave it on for too long.   I would call them fun headphones, that tend to capture the upper harmonics of electric guitar better than any others I've...
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