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BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 9 in D Minor “Choral” (op. 125) 01 - Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestos (scale, vocals)   OOZE - Where The Fields Never End 02 - What's Up (High frequency fatigue, midrange/treble integration)   TOSCA - Suzuki 02 - Suzuki (Delay, snare splash, transient response/resolution)   CAKE - Comfort Eagle 04 - Short Skirt/Long Jacket (balance between drums and horns, compression)   Comic relief track. THE CLASH - London Calling (vinyl...
I would say the W5000 has a cliché 'high fidelity' sound, but it's also a detail monster. It has a very nuanced sounding midrange (vocals) and upper midrange (violins) Might be the most viscereal dynamic headphone for detail with an amp as powerful like a Dynahi. I aim to test this theory. There might be a little distortion in the bass, I forget. But if there is, the W5000 doesn't have much bass so it's not noticeable.   The w11jpn in one word: romantic. Less genre...
Lol, that's bizarre logic. :-(
I just bought a pair of K500's from Is the only place to find K601 pads?
For sale is an Eddie Current Super 7 Tube amplifier in great condition. The stock capacitors (.1uF and 10uF) have been upgraded to Jantzen Silvers. Included are 7 stock tubes (Russian Tung Sol 6SN7). I will also throw in a second set of 6 tubes as spare (a mix of Sylvania and Raytheon). Shipping is included in price, and this ships in a nice snug double box. EMT, money order, or wire are preferable to PayPal. I looked into COD and I'm fine with that, but the limit is...
800 seems really high. Yeah, I can pass the message on to someone I know that you are looking for one, and maybe he'll sell you his pair.
This guy is a great person to do business with. GLWS!
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