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I too am considering a hd650/rpx33 combo so keep us posted if you end up going that route if its not too much to ask
Whiplash audio has an upgrade cable for the IE8, no pictures but its there.
yah thanks HeatFan12 exactly what I wanted to know
Sorry if this has been asked already but being an OTL design how does the WA2 handle low impedance cans like grados and ultrasones?
MisterX built M^3 for sale. Has bass boost and loop output. Op amps 637L/637R/627G. Comes with a standard elpac ps. Unsure of the gain but I used it with senns, grados, ultrasones without a problem. The amp is about 6 months old, I am the original owner. Asking SOLD shipped and paypaled. Shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking.
Looks like an amazing amp. I'm a little confused though, whats the point of having balanced inputs when the hp out is se? Sorry if this has been asked already.
PM sent
I like my pro 650's out of my M^3 which has a warmer signature. I just ordered a pair of 2500's so I can give some impressions on that combo hopefully soon.
Why do you recommend an uncolored signature for Ultrasones? I have a pair of pro 650's and pro 2500's(on the way) matched with a M^3 but I am open to different amps that may be a better fit.
I sold a tube amp to clarinetman, he paid and responded to messages very quickly, recommended.
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