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Up for sale is a pair of Sennheiser HD600's. Well cared for. Some dust/wear on the earpads. Comes with the stock cable, not the Cablepro cable pictured. Asking $130 shipped and paypaled, paypal only. Priced for a quick sale. Thanks for looking, my feedback
Up for sale is pair of Ultrasone Pro 650's.  Very light use, well cared for. Comes in original box with all cables and adapters. Asking $110 shipped and paypaled, paypal only. Thanks for looking. My feedback
Up for sale is an ALO Amphora in mint condition. I bought it recently off a fellow headfier but it isn't quite what I'm looking for. Comes with the original manual, charger, spare battery and leather box. Battery holds a charge perfectly fine.  Asking sold shipped and paypaled.   Shipping to the conUS only. My Feedback. Thanks for looking.
This is the first time I've made  a thread like this.  I'm in the market for an amp to compliment my rather neutral Amphora(which I really like) and am having trouble deciding which to get.  My main prerequisite is that it be musical, powerful, and full sounding. I've read lots of impressions but I thought a thread like this would be fun. Max budget is $1500. I listen mostly to post rock, and some jazz, classical, metal, prog.   My main cans are HD600's, though I...
Pardon my ignorance but what does Wasapi do? Improve sq? I have it on my foobar player but have never tried  it because I don't know its purpose. I read a technical explanation of it but it didn't answer too much for me.
I too am considering a hd650/rpx33 combo so keep us posted if you end up going that route if its not too much to ask
Whiplash audio has an upgrade cable for the IE8, no pictures but its there.
yah thanks HeatFan12 exactly what I wanted to know
Sorry if this has been asked already but being an OTL design how does the WA2 handle low impedance cans like grados and ultrasones?
MisterX built M^3 for sale. Has bass boost and loop output. Op amps 637L/637R/627G. Comes with a standard elpac ps. Unsure of the gain but I used it with senns, grados, ultrasones without a problem. The amp is about 6 months old, I am the original owner. Asking SOLD shipped and paypaled. Shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking.
New Posts  All Forums: