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These are my first decent diy cables after lots of projects, so I thought I'd post them.  They are both made with Mogami Neglex 2534 and 1/4in Techflex.        
Up for sale is a Meier Corda Prehead-1 in excellent condition. Asking $400 shipped and paypaled to the conUS. Doesn't come with the original box but I'll pack it carefully. Thanks for looking.
Congrats on the new amp, let us know your impressions on it as I'm still looking at that combo.  
Theres some scarce info in this thread. I was contemplating the same combo so I asked about that amp, I believe Graben replied, he said he liked the combo.
I just got a pair from Trew Audio if that helps. Best  
Thanks ss, yeah I'm liking this amp more and more. Balanced is the best word I can think of, bass is just right and all the details are there. I've heard my HD600s through a M^3, WA3, Amphora,  and a HA-160, and I like Gilmore the best, hopefully I'll stick with this amp for awhile, unless of course I upgrade to a GS-1 heh.  
My HeadAmp Pico DAC has paired well with everything I've tried it with, including a HA-160.  It also has two outputs in case your amp doesn't have a loop output. Sometimes they're on sale for $250.
I just received a Gilmore Liite with the DPS that I got in the FS forum, listening to it right now. It's definitely the most detailed amp I've heard. Overall it sounds very balanced with my HD600s, I had read a few times that it could be a tad bright or fatiguing in the treble but I'm not finding that to be the case. Its revealing without being harsh in any way I'd say.  I'm pretty happy with it so far, we'll see how it handles some LCD-2s I have on the way.
How would you compare the amps? I'm looking to get a Stax rig and was looking at the 323s.  
For sale is a 1.5ft ALO Audio SXC Cryo 3 Wire IC. I bought these new from ALO Audio about 1 month ago and no longer need them. They go for $210 new, asking $110 shipped and paypaled. More feedback. Thanks for looking.
New Posts  All Forums: