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Nice job both, palchiu I like the look of the bare wire on the Siltechs, matches the connectors well.
 Hmm maybe I will :), I should have my Headphiled Sr325is's by then too. I just meant I wasn't going to bring my whole rig or anything, I'll leave that to the more experienced meet-goers with nicer gear :)    
Count me in hopefully, though I don't plan on bringing any gear, maybe next time. This will be my first meet.
They're Dayton plugs, they come in sets of 4, I got them at Parts Express.    
Thanks fellas
These are my first decent diy cables after lots of projects, so I thought I'd post them.  They are both made with Mogami Neglex 2534 and 1/4in Techflex.        
Up for sale is a Meier Corda Prehead-1 in excellent condition. Asking $400 shipped and paypaled to the conUS. Doesn't come with the original box but I'll pack it carefully. Thanks for looking.
Congrats on the new amp, let us know your impressions on it as I'm still looking at that combo.  
Theres some scarce info in this thread. I was contemplating the same combo so I asked about that amp, I believe Graben replied, he said he liked the combo.
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