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Up for sale is a Gilmore Lite + DPS in mint condition. I'd rate it a 9/10 on the audiogon scale. Asking Sold shipped and paypaled. Thanks for looking.
Bump and price drop.
One of my faves. This song is actually 'The Argument.'    
I liked this one a lot, thanks again for the recommendation keep em comin. And I also recommend that Animals as Leaders album I've had that for awhile and I think its pretty amazing. Though it needs more exciting cans than HD600's to sound its best imo, it sounded great with some Ultrasones I had for awhile.  
Nice job both, palchiu I like the look of the bare wire on the Siltechs, matches the connectors well.
 Hmm maybe I will :), I should have my Headphiled Sr325is's by then too. I just meant I wasn't going to bring my whole rig or anything, I'll leave that to the more experienced meet-goers with nicer gear :)    
Count me in hopefully, though I don't plan on bringing any gear, maybe next time. This will be my first meet.
They're Dayton plugs, they come in sets of 4, I got them at Parts Express.    
Thanks fellas
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