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  Speakers are Quad 11L actives.
Yeah I think it drives them just fine, I wish I had more amps to compare it with, I just have my old Meier Prehead-1. But I feel its a definite step up from the Prehead, much more detailed and precise, the Lavry is a quality unit for sure. I'm not too sure where I'm headed in terms of getting a dedicated amp but I'm happy with the sound for now.  
It took me awhile but I think I've finally found my sound with the HD800s.  I've been through a lot of the popular high end phones too, LCD-2, T1, SR-507, D7000, I prefer the HD800s by a wide margin, just a matter of preference of course. Now I'm just figuring out how I should go about amping them, I think I prefer SS atm. Right now honestly I'm enjoying them out of my new Lavry DA11, its lacking something, I'm not sure what, but it will do fine for me until I can afford...
I'll have to keep the Headroom in mind for when I buy a dedicated amp. Right now I'm liking the headphone out on my new Lavry DA11, the clarity and detail are great, but wouldn't mind adding an amp that adds a touch of smoothness and musicality to compliment it. Not sure what that would be though.
Up for sale are a black PicoDAC, HRT Music Streamer, and a black Nuforce UDAC. I'm the original owner on all of them and they're all in excellent condition and come in original boxes with all cables and paperwork. All prices include shipping and paypal fees. Shipping to the conUS only.   Pico - Sold Music Streamer - $50 (original version) UDAC - Sold   Thanks for looking.
Up for sale is a pair of Alessandro MS Pros in excellent condition. I am the 2nd owner, these are the newer version with the thicker cable. Asking Sold shipped and paypaled. Shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking.
Up for sale is a pair of T1s in excellent condition, I am the second owner. Comes with original case and paperwork. I bought these here recently off a fellow headfier but their SS isn't my thing so I'm selling them. After paypal fees and currency conversion I paid $, asking $Sold shipped and paypaled. Shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking
Up for sale is pair of HD600s in excellent condition. I'm the original owner and they've been well cared for, they are about 3 months old, I bought them new from ALO Audio. The upgrade cable is 15ft,  I made it out of Mogami 2534 Neglex and terminated it with a Furutech fp-704 plug and cardas connectors. The original stock cable is included. Asking $300 shipped and paypaled to the conUS only. Thanks for looking.
Well I received the DT48a yesterday, on my head right now. The rolled off bass isn't as bad as I remember from when I had the dt48e, I'm finding I get used to it pretty quickly, and also I'm not noticing the treble to rolled off as much as people say. As far as the rest goes, clarity and instrument separation are top notch, the only headphone I've heard thus far that rivals it is the Stax SR-507. In fact I'd say the dt48a has a lot in common with the SR-507, at least to...
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