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Woo does it.  Pretty sureI read it in the WA Amp Owners Unite thread, though to find out for sure you would be best off emailing Woo.
Hi nspindel, What about a WA22? 4pin xlr input, I think it can be modified to have a pre-out, fits most of your criteria and is in between the LD and B52 price wise. I haven't heard it myself I just know from reading the WA Amp Owners Unite thread that its a popular combo with the HD800s.
Thanks for the reply Nosferatu, right now my main phones are HE-4s which I'm pretty happy with so I'm looking to match the amp with those. I think I tend more towards neutral on the phones and fun/lively on the amp so the Sun could be just the ticket.
Thanks for the replies, I ask because I have a Pac Valve version of the Fun on order and I'm pretty sure they use the Sun opamp along with some other adjustments, now I'm considering changing my order to the stock version A unit.
Is there a reason most go for Earth or Moon over the Sun?
I opted for the 'soft black multifilament nylon' which is what DHC recommends.
Up for sale is a DHC Molecule upgrade cable for Sennheiser HD800s.   Specs are: OCC Copper, 15ft, Viablue splitter, Neutrik 4-pin XLR Termination with SE adapter.   I had this cable built new, I am the original owner, its only a few weeks old. I really like the cable and was impressed by the improvement I heard and the build quality but decided not to stick with the HD800s so this cable is up for sale.   The cable + adapter cost me, asking $Sold shipped and...
  Speakers are Quad 11L actives.
Yeah I think it drives them just fine, I wish I had more amps to compare it with, I just have my old Meier Prehead-1. But I feel its a definite step up from the Prehead, much more detailed and precise, the Lavry is a quality unit for sure. I'm not too sure where I'm headed in terms of getting a dedicated amp but I'm happy with the sound for now.  
It took me awhile but I think I've finally found my sound with the HD800s.  I've been through a lot of the popular high end phones too, LCD-2, T1, SR-507, D7000, I prefer the HD800s by a wide margin, just a matter of preference of course. Now I'm just figuring out how I should go about amping them, I think I prefer SS atm. Right now honestly I'm enjoying them out of my new Lavry DA11, its lacking something, I'm not sure what, but it will do fine for me until I can afford...
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