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100% functional, built by MisterX   Source version not the hp amp version. Has ASRC, blackgate coupling caps, regulated ac adapter.  Doesnt have the usb converter.   Will ship to the conUS only for now.   Price is SOLD shipped and paypaled.   Thanks for looking.    
Quote: Originally Posted by Prog Rock Man Very smart. I like the speakers. Are you a Tortoise fan by your avatar? Thanks. Yup I'm a Tortoise fan, I thought there latest album was great.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpudHarris Well I recently spunked a load of cash on HD650's with a Blue Dragon cable and was very, very happy with them untill had the HD600's up for £99 recently. I didn't need them, they were such a bargain I bought them anyhow. I didn't try the stock cable I just stuck the Blue Dragon straight on. The HD650's haven't been out of the box since...... Any of you guys got both? Which do you prefer, coz I'm with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by plonter how do you guys like the HD600 with metal/electronica music? I like them for metal just fine, I actually prefer them to my SR325is thus far. Can't comment on electronica but from what I've read the HD650 are the bassier phones perhaps making them better for that.
Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink What cans did you try before? Additionally, if you get the 325is, you should consider having them modified by Symphones. Nice upgrade. Those do look pretty nice, how do they compare to your rs2i's? The phones I've tried in the same league as the HD600's are DT880's 600 ohm, and Denon d5000's, neither of them suited my tastes for reasons I can't really describe.
I've tried a bunch of phones, I keep going back to my HD600's for some reason, hopefully the 325's will be keepers.
I just ordered a pair of sr325is, I'll offer some impressions in comparison to my HD600's if anyone is interested. The HD600's have been my main cans for almost 3 years, I'll be running both out of my M3.
My WA3+ shipped out today just as I picked up some IBM 5998's, a RCA 6as7g, and some RCA 6dj8's, can't wait. How important is it that the drive tubes be a matched pair? What happens if they aren't?
Quote: Originally Posted by BIG POPPA To me the Sophia was a turn off. You get the tube you are done. Nothing better, end of story. I like that with 3+, I have GEC, Bendix, and Mullard to roll with. Tube rolling is a big deal to me. I'm sure this has been discussed but how do you like the Sylvania 7236 that Jack sells with the wa3+?, I'm thinking of getting one for mine.
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