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I've tried a bunch of phones, I keep going back to my HD600's for some reason, hopefully the 325's will be keepers.
I just ordered a pair of sr325is, I'll offer some impressions in comparison to my HD600's if anyone is interested. The HD600's have been my main cans for almost 3 years, I'll be running both out of my M3.
My WA3+ shipped out today just as I picked up some IBM 5998's, a RCA 6as7g, and some RCA 6dj8's, can't wait. How important is it that the drive tubes be a matched pair? What happens if they aren't?
Quote: Originally Posted by BIG POPPA To me the Sophia was a turn off. You get the tube you are done. Nothing better, end of story. I like that with 3+, I have GEC, Bendix, and Mullard to roll with. Tube rolling is a big deal to me. I'm sure this has been discussed but how do you like the Sylvania 7236 that Jack sells with the wa3+?, I'm thinking of getting one for mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheStixter I mainly listen to hip-hop/rnb and will be using the Beyerdynamic 600ohms phones to monitor, record, and track vocals. Says on the site, WA3+ is better for lower impediance. So is WA better for high impediance? Since there's a lot of bass in rap music, I'd like an OTL that really delivers there. Would upgrading to the NOS tubes make a difference with this? Suggestions? I recently bought a wa3+ and asked Jack...
While the thread is alive... I've skimmed through both 336 threads(getting a 336se) for good tubes for Grado sr80's and rs2's and found: 5692 brown-base, 5692 red-base, and a 5998 for the power tube. are there some other ones I might want to consider? Thanks for any help!
Bought a pcdp off JMT, was very easy to deal with, would buy from again, thanks.
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