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Up for sale is a WireWorld Starlight USB cable 1M B connector in excellent condition, I bought it new from Sound Approach and is about 4 months old.    Asking price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Shipping to the conUS only, thanks for looking.
Up for sale is an Audio-GD Fun in excellent condition, it is about 5 months old, I bought this new from Pacific Valve. it is the upgraded version that they sell, which go for $438 new. More info about the amp can be found here at PV's site.   Comes with the original box, power cord.   Price includes PayPal fees and shipping.   Shipping the conUS only, thanks for looking   Pics coming soon.
Up for sale is 2 pair of Downsize RK1s Interconnects 1.5M, and 1M long in perfect condition.    The 1.5M is SOLD The 1M is SOLD     Price includes shipping and paypal fees, shipping to the conUS only.    Thanks for looking.
Up for sale is a pair of HE-4s in excellent condition and only about 2 months old.   Price includes shipping and paypal fees. Shipping to the conUS only.   Thanks for looking
Woo does it.  Pretty sureI read it in the WA Amp Owners Unite thread, though to find out for sure you would be best off emailing Woo.
Hi nspindel, What about a WA22? 4pin xlr input, I think it can be modified to have a pre-out, fits most of your criteria and is in between the LD and B52 price wise. I haven't heard it myself I just know from reading the WA Amp Owners Unite thread that its a popular combo with the HD800s.
Thanks for the reply Nosferatu, right now my main phones are HE-4s which I'm pretty happy with so I'm looking to match the amp with those. I think I tend more towards neutral on the phones and fun/lively on the amp so the Sun could be just the ticket.
Thanks for the replies, I ask because I have a Pac Valve version of the Fun on order and I'm pretty sure they use the Sun opamp along with some other adjustments, now I'm considering changing my order to the stock version A unit.
Is there a reason most go for Earth or Moon over the Sun?
I opted for the 'soft black multifilament nylon' which is what DHC recommends.
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