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I’m looking at a Lyr possibly for my TH500RP. Does anyone have any experience with Amperex PQ 6922 orange label? I have a pair that I got for another amp but never used, these aren't the gold pin version. I'm looking for something on the warm/musical side, but still with qualities of SS which is why I’m looking at a hybrid. If anyone knows about the PQs thanks for the input.
Thanks MattTCG.   paradoxper, they can be reopened, nothing is sealed.
SOLD   Up for sale is a Matrix Quattro Amp with the remote included. I bought this amp off a fellow head-fier about 5 months ago.   It has a humming noise problem when used in single ended mode which is why the price is lowered. It hums regardless of volume position or whether there's a source connected. It's not very loud even with low impedance high efficiency phones, you can't hear it when music is playing even at low volume. In balanced mode there is no hum...
SOLD   Up for sale is a modded pair of Fostex T50RP, I bought these new from B&H about 4 months ago.   They have the following mods:   'Plasticine mod', the gaps around the drivers are filled with modeling clay.   'Cotton damping mod', the inside of the driver cups are filled with cotton padding.   'Dual entry mod', recabled with 7ft Mogami 2893 cable, terminated with neutrik 4 pin xlr.   If you want an unbalanced termination I can terminate it...
Up for sale is  a M2Tech hiFace BNC connector. I bought it a headfier who said it was new, I plugged it in to make sure it worked otherwise it hasn't been used. Comes with a free 4ft Signal Cable digital cable, BNC connectors.   Price includes shipping and Paypal fees, shipping to the conUS only, thanks for looking.
Up for sale is a Gamma 2 DAC in excellent condition professionally built by MisterX. Has the following specs: -WM8741 -SRC4192 -OPA2365   Comes with Jameco AC adaptor   Price includes shipping and PayPal fees, shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking.
Up for sale is a Heed CANAMP in excellent condition. I bought it off a fellow Headfier about 3 months ago and has worked flawlessly since.   Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking
Up for sale is a pair of Sennheiser HD600 + 15ft upgrade cable both in excellent condition. I bought the HD600 new off Amazon about 4 months ago and the cable off a builder on ebay, the cable was $ new. The cable is made of mogami 2534 neglex with a neutrik plug. The headphones also come with the stock cable, original box and manual etc..   Also for sale is a pair of Sony MDR-V900HD, also in excellent condition and also bought new off Amazon, they're about 6 months...
Up for sale is a pair of Beyerdynamic DT48e in very good condition. They have some fingerprints/smudges, but no scratches or dings or anything like that. I bought them off a fellow headfier and he said they were 2008 vintage. The right pad isn't sticking near the top as strong as it was, it may need to be replaced. It doesn't effect the sound once they're on your head. Replacement pads can be had for $25 or so.   Price includes shipping and  PayPal fees. Shipping to...
Up for sale is a Shunyata Guardian 4-HT power conditioner in nice condition. Has one small nick on it, I'd rate about a 7 on the audiogon scale.   Asking $SOLD for the Shunyata   Also for sale are 3 Signal Cable magic power cords. Lengths are 3ft, 4ft, 4ft.   Asking $30(3ft) and $35(4ft)   All prices include shipping and paypal fees. shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking   Pictures coming soon
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