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I have to go with 1972. Albums like Exile On Main Street, Harvest, and many others made it an incredible year in music. Couple that with the Rolling Stones legendary 72 American Tour, perhaps the greatest rock tour in history, and it was a very good year! Roger
Beautiful!!! What kind of wood did you use?
BB King - Completely Well Released in 1969, I bought this amazing disc about a year ago and it stays in constant rotation in my cd player. It was the album that contained The Thrill Is Gone. Easily one of the greatest blues songs ever written and the whole album is awesome!!!
I bought the STF-2 for Christmas last year and have loved it to death for nearly 365 days!!! As with you, the customer support was top notch and the sub sounds amazing! Very musical subs!
Quote: Originally Posted by pfillion The HSU STF-2 is an amazing subwoofer, very musical. And the price is a joke for the performance. ($329) HSU STF-2 Subwoofer X2 Excellent sub!!!
Google GR Research. Danny Richie designs excellent speakers and sells kits.
Quote: Originally Posted by hayste early essentials: Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out John Coltrane - Blue Train, Giant Steps & A Love Supreme Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um x2 on all the above! Dave Brubeck Quartet's Time Out blew me away the first time I heard it. It had the same effect on me that Kind Of Blue did the first time I heard it. Get will thank us later!! Roger
Hey Teraflame, Glad to hear you decided on the N2X's!!! You will not regret it! I use the HSU STF-2 with mine and it is a wonderful combination!! Please let me know your opinion of the N2X's when you get some hours on them. Roger
For a dorm room I would get a pair of av123 elt525m's and be done with it. The cherry finish is on sale for $175....a steal! I bought a pair new last summer for $299. They are an excellent sounding speaker and perfect for a dorm room. Any sub in a dorm room is going to cause you problems. (Been there....done that) The 525m's have a very small footprint. My 2 cents... Roger
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik You might also want to take a look at DIY speakers. If you have access to a few tools, you can find stunning performance on your budget. x2 on the DIY speakers. I just built a pair of GR Research Neo-2X's and they are absolutely amazing for the price!! Danny Richie designed them and you can buy the kit on his website. It's $329 without any upgrades. Since I have neither the skills or the tools to...
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