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Are there any mods to really lower the treble and boost the mids? It would be nice if I could get my SR60i sounding closing to my RE0 
Haven't been on headfi for a while after buying my RE0. Accidentally put them through the washer AND dryer along with my Sansa Clip+ (killing the Clip+) but they survived and sound just as good as when I first got them. Oddly, I find them much more enjoyable for rock and metal than my Grado SR60i. I can't stand the Grado SR60i for anything with guitars, because of the scooped mids.
And you'll continue to hear nothing but good things out of it when you get it.  Quote:
Happy to hear you liked BT! Have you heard of Emery (totally unrelated to BT), but they're a really great band IMO. Make sure you listen past the 30 second intro, haha
And they have a pretty long battery life (for something so tiny) ~15-20 hours and take up barely any room (I connect my IEMs, wrap up the cord and clip it in the back of the clip) in your bag or pocket.  
  7.12  Cuesheet Support Enables reading of cuesheet files for played tracks. If a cuesheet is found for a track, track markers are displayed on the progressbar and it is possible to skip between the tracks within the cuesheet. Also the information found in the cuesheet file will replace the information from the ID3 tags. When you enable this option, you’ll have to reboot for it to come into...
It should apply to all directories.
BT - Forget Me (from album These Hopeful Machines)
  This is within the General Settings -> System menu " 8.5.4  Limits This sub menu relates to limits in the Rockbox operating system. Max Entries in File Browser. This setting controls the limit on the number of files that you can put in any particular directory in the file browser. You can configure the size to be between 50 and 10,000 files in steps of 50. The default is 400. Higher values will shorten the music buffer, so you should increase this...
Yeah, to my ears guitars sounded thin and weak with the TF10 in comparison to the RE0.
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