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Hmmm... a rockboxed iriver h120 optical in from a cd player with optical out.
prison sansa clip. hope he bought some prison koss cl20 with koss 60 ohm driver for a prison audiophile rig. He sould have went with a sony srf39fp. The srf39 radio gets 100hrs on a single aa and no bricking unlike the sansa . replace 2 capacitor with higher values like Dr. Xin mod and you have a decent rig. Prison Electrnics must have a clear outer case to check for contraband.
I'm in
Last minute entry. The cables looks great and french silk looks looks great, but need more of a signature look if you want to stand out.
Most media players buffer to ram first, so it mostly doesn't matter.
The fiio e9 uses opa2134 for the gain stage and tpa6120 as a buffer. This only has a tpa6120. They also used a different cheaper power supply scheme. This might be good for someone looking for something cheap to power demanding headphones.
isn't a mosfet buffer cmoy just a tori amp?
Quote: Originally Posted by kjk1281  That would be very interesting indeed.  If there's even semi-confirmation of these being Foster bio-cellulose drivers, then my wallet will be $30 lighter!       I just did some research and apparently Apple might have dumped Foster for Foxconn for earphone, but I still think they are some type of biocellulose (as paper is bio cellulose). The Taiwan manufacture also aquired some patents from fostex.      
In the teardown, they describe the driver as paper, but I believe it might be bio-celluose. If we assume that they still use fostex as their OEM and that fostex used bio-celluose in the Denon D1000, Creative Auravana Live and etc. The earpod drivers diaphragm looks like it might use the same material as the d1000 drivers diaphragm.
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