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Not at least against dollar
This Radioheads influence thing became suprise to me. Don't see Pink Floyd influencing a lot either. I think both are the kind of bands that many listen but copying them is not going to do you any good. You can not reach them. You can just try to make their music more avarage joe friendly. Edit: There is one progressive rock album that I qualify besides Pink Floyd - the Wall http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crescent_(Gackt_album) Go and try it out, hope you'll like it.
Ayumi Hamasaki - Next level Released today, now just sitting and waiting for the post arrive.
Quote: Originally Posted by mark_h Some headphone manufacturers tweak the frequency response to best emulate the way sound in our environment enters the human ear and is registered at the eardrum. The peaks and dips are often their attempt to compensate for the delivery method of, say, an in ear IEM, that removes from the process, the outer sections of the ear i.e. The Pinna etc. It is an attempt to compensate for the physical effect this geometry of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by EYEdROP But your not getting the fact that all systems are colored differently in their unique ways. Thats why flat is the industry standard because its not in favor of one coloration or one type of stereo. The music producer knows there are so many different sound systems out there that people will be listening to the recording on. The only way to be faithful to all of them at once is to use the flat EQ as a reference...
Quote: Originally Posted by ciphercomplete Well to me compared to the K501 the K340 has a harsher, analytic sound. I just don't find those traits "musical" although I understand that some may disagree. The K501 is just so effortlessly smooth in how the different frequency ranges sort of meet up and blend together. Everything sounds like it belongs together as there is no disconnect between the mid range and treble nor is their a smooth mid range and a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Acix Pro EQ, it's for studio, live shows and clubs. But if you want to do some EQ to Eric Clapton on your ipod... don't have one You can also do EQ of your headphones with passive componets. Reference earphones
If there would be some kind of standard and some decent QA for studios many problems hifi enthusiast face would be greatly reduced. But in the mastering studio there are people with different opinnions and the people pushing them to non ideal recordings. If I want to alleviate the mistakes they made in the studio or the mistakes headphone manufactorer made I think that should not be any worse choice than other hifi enthusiasts choices.
Quote: Originally Posted by Acix A pro audio reproduction systems... and pro acoustic treated room With exact same dimensions of course, otherwise soundstage would be different
Quote: Originally Posted by PiccoloNamek This is not necessarily true. The close coupling of a headphone's transducers to the ear creates a very unnatural frequency response which drastically distorts the sound and hides the true nature of the music. Some manufacturers attempt to compensate for this, but the results are not always optimal. Proper application of EQ can help to achieve a more neutral perceived response and will allow you to hear the music as...
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