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i'm interested in the answer to this question too!
hmmm opinions on the d-jays still seem quite thin. would anyone be able to direct me to a thread on the d-jays? when i search it seems to find all the jays, most of them q-jays
wow, thanks everyone for such detailed replies, its a great help Quote: Originally Posted by kazaam If you don't ever intend on using the d-JAYS while on the move, then the sound quality is absolutely amazing for the price. However, I only listen to IEMs while commuting, and I found its durability (particularly for the cable) to be absolutely abysmal. I've had two d-JAYS lose sound on the left channel and have had the cable extension replaced several...
thanks for the comments lewislink! but wat about the comfort of the im616? i heard they can get irritating after a while, say an hour or two, and thatd b no good for the plane. or is it down to the tips? im also interested in a comparison in isolation of the two. lewislink, from ur sig, u seem to be liking the superfi3 but how does it compare to im616 in terms of isolation and comfort?
hey guys, i need your help again! my dads heading to the US in a month or so and its my chance to buy some cheap headphones! im looking to buy either the im616 or d-jays. i just wanted some opinions on them since impressions r quite thin on the im616 (but a lot of good things on im716) and d-jays seem to be a bit older so ive tried and failed to dig up reviews on it. i almost listen exclusively to jazz, eg lee morgan, keith jarrett, freddie hubbard, ella fitzgerald...
ooohhh man ive been waiting for these but im in australia and they dont ship outside us and canada =( anyone can give me a hand?
es7 seems to hav a big fanbase on headfi, it definitely is an attractive option. are there any more "budget" options? around the $50 mark?
Quote: Originally Posted by bjarnetv i personally like the htx7 a lot, and they are very comfortable; the only problem is that the highs can be a bit harsh. i cant remember how they did with jazz, and i havent got them with me right now to try it out; but for $40 its a steal. the biggest question is; do you want a closed or open phone? im looking for a closed phone that will hopefully give a bit of isolation. $40 for great looking phones that...
thanks for your suggestions! im looking for a good sound, thats why im asking on headfi. i just wont pick one i think is ugly unless the sound is well above anything else in the price range
Quote: Originally Posted by obobskivich senn 280 sounds very sterile to me, and i hate wearing them, but the sound isn't what i'd call "bad" (i dont like the sennheiser/akg sound that much to begin with though, i.e: the Hd-595's sound flat and washed out to me, i prefer grado/denon etc)) but my buddy loves his 280's to death AKG's K141's aren't bad, open though, and not what i'd call comfy Grado SR-80's and SR-125's are a good choice, same for...
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