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 Asgard good. Lyr better. If $200 isn't that big of a deal for you, always take Lyr. I'm just trying to appeal to your sensible side by telling you that Asgard will indeed do the job.
 You can't. Double ended has less distortion since each amp will have to work less hard. You're working with SNR so it's less noise the less voltage you put through. Why would you need to ask us how to level your volume? Only you really know what your ideal listening volume is and people don't always listen to the same volume all the time. It varies with genre for me.
 Serious audiophiles hate waiting. It's a hobby that revolves around luxury. I know this on a day to day basis LOL and I completely empathize and understand.
 Asgard2 is probably for the most part going to serve you as well. The Lyr is just a good deal more powerful for when you're pushing serious bsness loads. The Lyr will have more bass since tubes open the option of having a warmer sound signature with a deeper bottom end with your cans depending on how you run your stuff.
People don't like the idea of being locked into a particular rig when everybody is mixing and matching. It's the theory of buying into a rig that may be a hobby-ender since you can't easily just jump into the next headphone and amp. It's the reason I haven't really ever gotten into Stax despite recognizing their glorious sound.
 Man.. if we needed IEM companies to take us seriously, this would not be a great example to show them.  JUST KIDDING, IT REALLY IS. CHOO CHOO
 Ouch thats a lot of risk to play musical chairs and perhaps set yourself up for disappointment. Not that the Mjolnir isn't one of the best SS amps you can buy regardless of money, it's just the WA22 is srs bsnss.  Speaker amps at the entry level will deliver more power at around the same THD and SNR as a headphone amp. It's not the textbook way to do things sure, but it's growing to be a respectable way to do things with the orthos. HE6 is bright if you have "too good of...
 That sounds like quitter talk LOL Lyr master race, just go nuts. TREAT YOSELF
 You're playing with fire there bud...  LCD-3 is LCD-2 with like 10% more energy and more clear and concise midrange. Some people feel it's worth it. I don't argue with those people. LCD-X I haven't heard and quite honestly I just can't afford to buy it right now. The LCD series is a very engaging, lush, full bodied sound. It is not exactly what most experienced audiophiles would consider a classic reference sound. It basically is a cozy signature, with near infinite power...
 Follow your dreams man Two words: Starquad. Stapler. Third word:fail
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