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 I could use USPS first class, but it's ok
Mail me whatever you need to sharpen, just cover shipping and I'll make you right. I have pretty much anything and everything. I prefer to use the Wicked Edge system, but when I freehand I work up to the King Japanese water stones which are like 2000 grit if I'm not mistaken. Sharpening is just as much of a hobby as the knives themselves.
 Be prepared to wait but Justin is on here daily and will be attentive to any questions/concerns you may have. His products are top notch and hand-inspected by him personally. I can vouch for the quality.
 AGD is actually fairly popular on the forums. Currawong recently reviewed a unit favorably. Dan can barely keep up and I cannot wish him more success, met him in person and he's good people with me. Jason rules, forever a Schiit fan.
Have found a 100% tube amp that I've enjoyed. Only the hybrid stuff as of now.
 Yeah pretty much. Although I have different views on cables but yeah we're about eye to eye on this.
 Close enough.. you can afford something that costs less, but not something that costs more, would you rather I put it in the first category?
 1. Audio GD NFB10.332. Burson Soloist, Violectric V200, Schiit Mjolnir3. I don't have an answer for #3 because I don't believe amps should cost that much.
The Rosewood had a few cracks but it has to do with Rosewood being somewhat difficult to work with and not any ineptitude. I'm sure after two years they have the process nailed and it was only a very very early issue. The bamboo was introduced because it was inexpensive, they used to issue a rosewood chest that came with the cans too before going with the Pelican case. Then they started charging extra for rosewood and here we are.
They have a rather generous return policy. There's almost no risk to buying one at that point. If you're disappointed, plenty of people are super ok with buying B-Stock so have at it!
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