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 Nothing opens up soundstage like a 2 minute tour de microwave
 LOL. Wow that wasn't very hard to find. Dang I'd look for a detachable one that I could run aftermarket IEM cables through though.
 Dude I have an idea. Basically you know we do Skype/Google Vid for consults right? What if we do them IN the onesies?  http://www.amazon.com/Dinosaur-Kigurumi-Pajamas-Cosplay-Halloween/dp/B009153DX6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388205133&sr=8-1&keywords=dinosaur+onesie   
 Been searching myself too.. I'd pay money for one.
Emotiva Mini-X is 50w lol.. but then you'd use a resistor or speaker tap adaptor for more useable attenuation
The Tom Mayo, the top one is like 4.25" blade length so thats something to think about. They're both huge knives. I turn the cable money into knife money, then some of the knives get turned into hard money, which goes into cable parts.. \
  Yeah uh I was messed up on that Lagavulin 16 scotch earlier please forgot my out-of-character posts. Wait acutally looking back they seemed around right :)  Nah I mean unless the pads were specifically angled, you will not match the level of form-fittedness that you get from Senn.
 ahahahah  What? Nobody said anything about custom cables LOL. Business is alright for me either way though :) Yeah with FedEx guys the rule is to have a 3:1 gun ratio on them as well. Glad you enjoy the cans. The neck will become strong like sequoia, or as my people call it, maize.
Were missing important details in the story man. What were you wearing when you answered the door? Also FedEx rules. Speaking from experience. Only people I trust to deliver my firearms-related packages without trying to converse with me about my private mail and/or a visibly repackaged box LOL.
New Posts  All Forums: