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 ahahahah  What? Nobody said anything about custom cables LOL. Business is alright for me either way though :) Yeah with FedEx guys the rule is to have a 3:1 gun ratio on them as well. Glad you enjoy the cans. The neck will become strong like sequoia, or as my people call it, maize.
Were missing important details in the story man. What were you wearing when you answered the door? Also FedEx rules. Speaking from experience. Only people I trust to deliver my firearms-related packages without trying to converse with me about my private mail and/or a visibly repackaged box LOL.
 It weighs less and the cups are actually anatomically correct and angled as if the ears on your head didn't point in a straight line (they don't right? :D)
HE-500 is good most of the time and anybody plugging it into anything will get it's "proper" sound.   HE-6 can put the hurtin' on you if you don't give it enough current, dem treble spikes.   Taming something difficult is fun though, and thats why it has something of a cult following. I personally believe it's in my top 3 headphones, along with HD-800, and LCD-2.
 Despite popular belief, you don't need to spend big money on amps. Plenty of good stuff out there, the Schiit Asgard is probably the cheapest way to get from point A to point B whilst buying from a US based vendor that ships quickly. More alternatives are the Matrix, Lyr, Soloist SL, one of the two Bottlehead configs (forget which is which), and Darkvoice 336. None of those will be expensive, most of those sell quickly on the secondhand if need be, and I have heard all of...
 Ogod did you get the HD800's?
Those look great
End-game performance was never so affordable. Definitely buy it.
  Valab from Ebay are great, uhh prettty much the most exotic plug for the money in terms of form and materials, and from the couple dozen pairs I've used, the quality is there.
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