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Thing with HD800 is can you listen to them for six hours a day?   Theres a reason for both. Sometimes I need a break from the treble peaks..   The HD800's also exist as a reprieve from the ortho weight.. it's a perfect balance if you can swing both.   Honestly headphones are not the most expensive hobby if you do it within a little moderation.. It's actually the cheapest of my hobbies since I only really have to buy once and I've been sitting on more or less the same...
 Nothing opens up soundstage like a 2 minute tour de microwave
 LOL. Wow that wasn't very hard to find. Dang I'd look for a detachable one that I could run aftermarket IEM cables through though.
 Dude I have an idea. Basically you know we do Skype/Google Vid for consults right? What if we do them IN the onesies?   
 Been searching myself too.. I'd pay money for one.
Emotiva Mini-X is 50w lol.. but then you'd use a resistor or speaker tap adaptor for more useable attenuation
The Tom Mayo, the top one is like 4.25" blade length so thats something to think about. They're both huge knives. I turn the cable money into knife money, then some of the knives get turned into hard money, which goes into cable parts.. \
  Yeah uh I was messed up on that Lagavulin 16 scotch earlier please forgot my out-of-character posts. Wait acutally looking back they seemed around right :)  Nah I mean unless the pads were specifically angled, you will not match the level of form-fittedness that you get from Senn.
 ahahahah  What? Nobody said anything about custom cables LOL. Business is alright for me either way though :) Yeah with FedEx guys the rule is to have a 3:1 gun ratio on them as well. Glad you enjoy the cans. The neck will become strong like sequoia, or as my people call it, maize.
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