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Maybe you'd appreciate this track bud 
 We'll see. Apparently youre the ergonomics guru (no sarcasm) so perhaps these will work out for me.  Look forward to "Chris_Himself's Magic Imbued LCD-2's for sale" if the 560's can trump the 2's
 Swivel cups give me the micropeen though
I read somewhere the new HFM cans would have revised connectors?   I'm not a fan of the headband but we'll see. I especially do not cherish the idea that the cups will be able to swivel 360 degrees ala Grado, considering the size and weight of the cups themselves.
 HD800 takes it IMO. Dynamic drivers just attack better. The orthos don't move air the same way the HD800 does. I've tried this with HE-5LE (better than 500 in some ways), 500, and LCD-2. I will reiterate that it is not wise to sell HE-500's to buy HD800. These are both headphones you need to have side by side to really lock down how they sound and what makes them different.
 I'm flinging my LCD-2's out the window when the new cans come out if thats the case LOL I hope it's price competitive too
Are we here for the 500 or the 800's though??
 Organic asian pears bolted to the bottomof my Mjolnir as the feat really liven the treble energy for my LCD-2's
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