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LCD-2 work with tube amps given you use an impedance adapter which is just resistors built into a plug body or you could do in-line ones with a cable.
 I hung out with Flavio this weekend haha. I'm a member of the Usual Suspect Network which is a gigantic knife forum that is hidden from the public. Use me as a referral and you'll get a quick add-on. They do a quick check on your e-mail and IP just to make sure you're not one of the banned members. When trading custom knives, lots of money flies around, we can't afford to have bad blood hence the security. That is a SWEET knife!
 Dude BRKT is the shizzle
I probably consider myself one of the more dangerous cablers lol  
 Pretty sure my neck is disappearing from these.. Just kidding it's the weight gain LOL 
Bark River rules.. I have their Bravo 1 in 3V. The thing with Busse is they grind their blades too thick and they have way too thick starting stock to have any sort of precision cutting tool leftover after the grinding.   I recently got a few knives.   Michael Raymond Estrella   Michael Burch Mid-Tech Impetus and Bob Terzuola ATCF
 I did it. I personally just did it because the form factor of the HDP is a little awkward once you start stacking. Objectively, the HDP is a solid DAC at this point in time. I read they improved it, the power figures are still the same though. With HE-500 I'd have to run the knob 3/4 of the way to get a desirable volume but at that point it was getting really lean in the signature which told me I didn't have enough current. It was bright and tinny with HE-5LE which...
The DAC section is amazing, it was just lacking as a dedicated headphone amp. I actually still use one as a preamp for the TV setup
Don't get the HDP. I had a bunch of them and there are a good chunk of amps that are considerably better value for money. 388mw @ 32ohms is not a great amount of output for $449.
 Oh man thats exactly my gameplan too, and to just pick up the HE-560 as well to try the wonkmaster 5000 headband
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