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If anybody is trying to refurbish their ancient HD580's I've actually had success with Sennheiser where you send them a decrepit pair of HD580's and they send your stuff back basically brand new with any iffy parts replaced which in my scenario included pads, cable, headband.. and there may have been a driver swap but I don't remember. I do remember things sounding better, but I still have my 580's! The price was like $100 at the time and their service, communication, and...
 Interesting sentiment, usually those high-end audio interconnects given that they use quality materials, techniques, and design are really impervious to radiation and cross talk vs the headphone cables which are usually engineered to be thin and light and proportionate to the headphone. It's been known for a while that keeping the channels separate for as long as you can in the chain if not completely would help out. I bought a set of DHC Complement 2's which are...
   Headroom is good alongside proper implementation and a clean circuit. The less an amp has to try, the less noise you get as a result of such. It's why using a Mjolnir with an 800 sounds good regardless of it having a near retarded amount of juice, because it's not only a very good amp for big power loads, but it's barely even doing anything to get you from A to B for lower work, so it makes my CIEM's with an impedance adapter sound super chill!
I'm gonna shoot you guys a message for some CIEM's. I'm leaving my current CIEM provider due to their customer service. Looking forward to our business relationship!   Do you recommend I get new molds or just send you the old ones I took back in 2011?
If both driven properly with over 1000mw neither should have sibilance. HD800's brightness can come off as sibilant, but it's in it's character, and the 500's are an overall darker signature,, focusing most of it's energy in the upper mid-range. The HD800 is about the entire spectrum but the treble extension is one of the immediate takeaways. For the money they can be had for these days, the 500's are a fantastic buy. 
I bought a set of Complement2's because I can't personally build those myself due to the bill of materials and using the Ultrashort adapter and I like what I hear big time.
 Pretty sure if I start selling headphones, I'm gonna copy/paste that line for line minus the last part and it'd pass as marketing material
 Audio GD's NFB series, either the balanced or single ended have gobs of power, clean topology, and great DAC chips behind them I use a similar setup..
So this is my local chapter badge as well as some other badges. We have an annual get together in Vegas where we occupy Planet Hollywood and it's a huge knife convention as well as a binge drinking contest..   I threw up in TSA last year for example... right in the scanning line AHAHAHAH.   Anyway hope to see you guys on here as well as promoting knife discussion here. I'm more active on the knives as I somewhat have plateau'ed with the headphones hobby as well as...
 No sweat. I'm on head-fi because I enjoy my hobbies a lot. When I meet people here that also enjoy my other loves in life, it's always a thrill. See you there! I hope cross forum promoting isn't bad, they're irrelevant things.
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