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 They both kinda go bright when paired with either an amp with not enough current, or a DAC which sounds a little cold/bright.  Gungnir is a little bright as a DAC, which is odd considering I didn't think DAC's imparted anything tonal, but yeah I don't mind it and I sorta welcome it. I love mah trebs! Audeze is really good, Hifiman HE-500 is becoming super popular these days since it's like near half the price and they were reviewed side by side with each other at debut.
 It happens. I actually like the thin-ness combined with the treble coloration though.   Buying headphones is never a bad idea my friend.
 Man imagine if you were playing certain videos on the internet when that happened
The RSA Hornet/SR71/Tomahawk is a great toy with these, not necessary but the warmth of the RSA signature is always welcome and can kind of massage the sparkly treble.
 Gungnir bright, not the Mjolnir. Thats why people are trying the Teac if they don't like the Gungnir. I own it with HD800 and I like the brightness but I do know what you are talking about. But yeah spending money on headphones isn't ever a bad idea mate.
 I just do it on the fly man. It's just a set of resistors that go on and off. It's the same as adjusting the volume knob instantly honestly.
Ok so people constantly ask me "Is this amp better and/or this DAC going to give me a sonic improvement"   Nothing is going to give you a sonic improvement over picking your favorite headphone over the bunch honestly. Yeah we can go from the extremes like from an ipod to a Bifrost, but thats obvious. As long as you build good sound from the baseline with something cheap and humble like an HRT MSII and stack that with a Schiit Asgard II or AGD dac/amp, you're gonna be...
A700X is my choice for around $100 for closed back, and if you're out and about.
 You picked a good one mate. Rest easy, if you're itching to spend money the balanced options are out there.. I actually prefer that little wonderbox over the O2 pairing. I mean heck, look at the output wattage, DAC chip, all yuour input and output modes and tell me you get more amp for the money 
FWIW I've been in the hobby for a while and I have access to loads of gear and a stock K70x can stave off an HD800 purchase on it's own.. at least for a while.   Before the orthos debued, K701 was the epitome of definition and refinement in a headphone!
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