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A700X is my choice for around $100 for closed back, and if you're out and about.
 You picked a good one mate. Rest easy, if you're itching to spend money the balanced options are out there.. I actually prefer that little wonderbox over the O2 pairing. I mean heck, look at the output wattage, DAC chip, all yuour input and output modes and tell me you get more amp for the money 
FWIW I've been in the hobby for a while and I have access to loads of gear and a stock K70x can stave off an HD800 purchase on it's own.. at least for a while.   Before the orthos debued, K701 was the epitome of definition and refinement in a headphone!
 Anytime you're in San Jose I have cables at the ready and Chipotle is on me bud :)
 Hmm it's kind of a sidegrade, don't worry about the DAC as much once you've established that you have a good one. I have the same dac/amp as you actually.
 Soloist takes it for me. I like the signature more just because I'm not a huge fan of tubes one way or another. I'll explain why: Choice is a prison for me and I could never sleep knowing there are a set of tubes I haven't auditioned yet and that was my problem so thats why I was like FUGGIT and ordered the Mjolnir haha..
 Do you want a tube sound or not? If you notice in my signature and profile, I prefer all super clean solid state amps with my orthos and I let the orthos push whatever warmth they intended to have, not anything forward of them in the chain. Actually the more expensive NOS tubes Schiit sells will be more than fine and I like the way they sound.. Tell Jason I sent you, maybe he'll draw a funny picture on the box by request or something haha. Tube collecting becomes sort of...
 It's ok you filled in the part I forgot to say about how I'd rather wake up to looking at a Lyr over an EF-5 but the 5 really has a lot of charm for being rickety looking hahaha A Lyr isn't a very tubey sound until you get into some of the more vintage tube stuff ala Genalex Gold Lion's, the EF-5 with what I assume is more "flavored", albeit less clean circuit has a nice warmth to it. The best dollar per value amp for HE-500 is most likely going to be the Asgard II with...
 Soloist is more lively than the Lyr. Not saying the Lyr isn't good, it's just the Soloist is one of my favorite single-ended amps on the block.
EF-5 is a pretty warm amp, Lyr is a more clean presentation. Both are great value for the money so it's down to preference.
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