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We're punched in. Gotta find out what these sound like, it's so awesome to see a new product from these guys. Lightweight is good.
You'll be fine. If you can adjust the volume to get enough volume without going beyond say, 80% volume you have enough power. Tonality is another thing but I think people really stress the need for a headphone amp a bit much. I just look at them as expensive volume knobs these days and not much else. Been enjoying my music a lot more lately instead of sweating the small stuff and enjoying my much less expensive cans these days to explore where I was and to appreciate where...
Grado fan for life. If you wear them properly, they can be a great pair of headphones for extended listening sessions. A young Chris once took a listen to a pair of Kramer's Grado RS-1's and became hooked and later morphed into a terrible being of power on Head-Fi.. but thats another story.   It's fun and it's forgiving in the sense that it doesn't require much in the way of a source or amp regardless of which one you own, and that it doesn't take itself too seriously by...
You will be fine, just enjoy the music and don't strain too hard!
I got in a box of custom balisongs :)   Props to DHC for the photography.                      
 Switchcraft? I had a few broken ones too.. had to switch to Amphenol full time. Not saying Switchcraft isn't good but I've found these to be more reliable. Had one jammed in my LCD-2 just from function testing the other day..
God those drum hits are so pronounced  
 Superficial in my opinion. A typical 26awg conductor has plenty of room in it for the signal it's transmitting per channel, per polarity. 
  I've been off Head-Fi for a couple weeks, but is the Fazor something worth buying into or is it just another subtle change they've made with the LCD-2?  I say this because I am guilty of buying a new set of LCD-2 because I thought it was different when all they did was introduce bamboo and angled connectors lol.
1. I have no idea if this is even technically possible but what about a hybrid amp that has a toggle-able tube preamp stage for tube warmth when you'd like it, ,and a MOSFET stage for clean, big, digital power. Or we could go tube buffer.   2. I'd also like a Schiit DAC/amp all-in-one    3. Displays, some of us have dark brocaves and like a cheap liquid crystal display could even do things like tell us our volume, input, input bitrate, etc.   4. This is crazy but,...
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