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 The HE6 sounds thin to some, the LCD series is a fuller sound overall, HE-6 being a more dry presentation. I think all around HD800 is the winner, I would recommend the HE-500 back in the day for it's excellent value. I don't think the D7000 compares at all really, thats just me. 
  Becoming a Member of the Trade is tricky. I used to DIY cables before I went commercial and you trade the ability to converse about the craft amongst your supporters with your personal pictures, stories, and product so that you can make some money for yourself. My advice is to go legit and not to try to skirt any lines here. Head-fi is a valuable community and if you're trying to make money "under the table" while feigning as a DIY'er it could hurt your ability to use...
 I actually haven't found that to be the case but yeah I mean Sabre is Sabre.. The different is faint. It's not huge and implementation and quality of components is much more important than a DAC chip choice. Burson makes good stuff.. could just be other stuff in the chain
I actually have no idea if it's ear-burn in, but on some days I perceive tone differently than others. The HE-500 doesn't have a HUGE range but it certainly can be really impactful some days, and even shrill on others. I do not know if it's because my amp needed to warm up, I'm going nuts, or this is the beginning of me being able to document burn-in.
A good fitting shoe with proper structure will feel better than a squishy padded footbed shoe. Padding usually makes up for a poor fit and for Alden, with it's many widths available, you should have the best fitting shoe possible. I'd like to tell you that Allen Edmonds does not necessarily do things any different than Alden. Alden just uses a padded heelpad, but they say it's to cover up the nails they use to secure the heel to the midsole.
Dan Wesson Valor on my hip  
Hey, everybody. I'm really sorry that a valued repeat customer like this one slipped through the cracks. He has been an avid supporter of my brand since the very beginning and it truly broke my heart that I've failed to make things right in a timely manner for one reason or another. I'm handling it as we speak. An offer for a full refund is on the table, and him and I are working together to make this right between us.   Cabling is not at all my main source of revenue as...
 I've had mine for 4 years now, no problems.
 Lol I ain't ever havin' kids
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