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 I've had mine for 4 years now, no problems.
 Lol I ain't ever havin' kids
 Quite well, it was basically made for it and the HE-500/HE-6..
 1.4W, it would do it but it wouldn't be happy with it. I would probably go have a look at some of Schiit's offerings
 Oh man I'm getting nostalgia from when I first joined Head-Fi and first knew of those.
  The HF-2 was somewhat of a departure from the Grado house sound, by going even warmer, little less on the highs. It was a thicker overall sound, think Sennheir HD650, LCD-2 etc. I mean only in signature not in overall presentaiton. PS500 is based on PS1000 with smaller aluminum chambers and it was tuned for neutrality as opposed to the fun/warm spectrum as the RS series. PS500 if you analyze music and you're strict about your balance, HF2 if you don't care and you just...
  Very nice, thats the way to do it man. Once you go CRK, there is literally nothing else. I buy customs just because it makes me feel good but objectively that is the best folding knife in the world as far as were concerned.
Dang I would pay money for that job.
Aww man you're selling your RS-2?!
I find the 16's boomy as well, it's not just us being spoiled, I really thought it was a bit "much". I think you may want to look into the JH13.. thats why I got them. That being said I have a set of 8A's and they're on the warm side too but I really do like that sound signature. If you're looking for that energetic presentation without a lot of boomyness or midrange fluff you'll want to look at the UE Ref. ES5, or JH13. I've had experience with all of them, JH13's being...
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