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No difference between any of them, but the chunkier connectors allow relatively finer mechanical connections and larger surface areas which would presumably tolerate corrosion for longer before problems became audible.
Any modern PC soundcard, even many onboard adaptors, will work fine as a transport. Just use WASAPI or equivalent in the software to ensure no interference from the software and you're in business.   Jitter is a non issue with any DAC that's not essentially broken.   Co-ax is more reliable over long cable lengths and everybody loves big chunky RCA connectors, but otherwise there's not much to optical vs co-ax. Use USB if your DAC supports it as that will bypass...
  Good, people that blindly believe what their delusions order, and refuse to indulge any form of rigorous testing that they could be held against, should be insulted. I have no problem with that. It is an effective social mechanism which acts in the general good.   The world we live in depends on that being the case in very many fields. People's health and lives depend on quacks being laughed out of the room if they propose that blood-letting is an effective treatment....
  So why don't you take the clearly more rational choice of "freeing" the forum in general from wild claims that border on insanity, and insist that any such claims are supported by certain verifiable (peer reviewable) standards?   Your argument simply doesn't wash, what you're saying is you want simply to provide a loony bin where the loons can happily be loony without anyone upsetting them by pointing out they're insane.   I spend very little time on HF anymore since...
P.S. If you offer free plug-ins for popular computer audio software, e.g. VST and Foobar plug-in, you will quickly accumulate lots of feedback which you can use to market for hardware implementation sales. Your website atm only seems to solicit enquiries for the latter.
I think lots prefer "normal stereo" when they first listen, because they are used to the unnatural channel separation and super wideness. It takes a week or so to adjust. The irony is you are not hearing "normal stereo" on headphones.   I could make one or two. What sort of music or sound would you like. Or do you have a favorite testing track - send it to me and I will encode it.
You could try a Linux boot disc like Gnome or Knoppix, try to get some audio going, and see if the problem repeats. Fairly easy to download and burn onto CD. Have you tried Windows safe mode with audio drivers loaded?   However unless there are other Asus users on the net complaining about their onboard sound, my bet is you have a fundamental hardware problem. Watch a movie on Linux to be sure. I don't know enough about hardware to guess from your symptoms, but it...
Pity about the sh!te quality of YouTube audio encoding.
Care to comment on comparison with BS2B ?    
No, "we" are just illiterate.   Assuming there's an absolute cut off, with perfect hearing at 13.9 KHz and nothing at 14.1 KHz, then that's great, forgetting about harmonics - but it doesn't work like that does it?
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