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The amp has got improved circuitry in Feb. 2016. Available again.
This one or a cheaper version with external PSU/battery supply. Better than your choices and many others. The amp shares the amplification circuitry with the Sonic Pearl 2 linked in my footnote (latest review).
Improved soundstage depth, less edgy trebles, more background nuances audible. Listening pleasure grows overall.
The mod for the T90's that I really like is to remove the cloth ring separating the ear from the transducer and place it behind the transducer in the ear cup. The black side should be towards the transducer and the grey foam layer should be on the ear cup's side, facing the ear cup mesh. You can find on YouTube how to dsassemble a T90, T1, T5p etc. as it is all done the same way.
Maybe this would help, with more info coming soon. Looks like we should read more soon...
Next generation of the Sonic Pearl soon to be reviewed completely. Introduction is promising.
No, thanks. HiFiMan HE-560 or Beyerdynamic T1 from the most recent batch could work.
Price drop
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