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I guys. I want a new phone, but I don't wanna walk around with two devices (phone + MP3-player). Should I consider other phones before buying an Iphone? Thanks! /Danster
Well the danish apple site, dont have the Iphone, and the other apple stores, you have to pay a monthly amount to a phone company? Which I cant use anyway
Thanks guys. Anyone know where I can get the cheapest Iphone (in Europe)? I saw that the auctions on ended at about 310-320 pounds.
This might be a stupid question, but does jailbroken means unlocked?
I cant figure out, if I should buy an Iphone. I need to buy a new phone, my last phone was a D900i, where I think the music player sucked. So should I buy a Iphone, or a phone + Ipod. Is the sq of the iphone really so bad?
Maybe Im blind but I cant find the voltage chart? I will just give you guys a little brief: When I hook it up, the DC output, slowly raises, its starts at 150mV DC, and like every 2 second the DC gets 1mV higher. And after a few minuts its 300mV (still encreases). The strange thing is, when Im holding my fingers on the 2sk170s, the DC voltage slowly drops, and it even gets in - DC. Do you know what can be wrong? I cant seem to find any short circuit. Have I turned...
Thanks for all the replays. Im done with the channels now, but when I hook one channel to the PSU, the output voltage DC is almost 300mV and I have matched all the components :S Have some one made a guide, which explains what the voltage over different components should be? I have searched the forum, but I couldnt find it. Thanks guys!
I have: 15 x 2sk170 15 x 2sj74 Im sure if I get it right, lets make an example: I find 2 x 2sk170 which both have an output of 2mA (just a random number) When Im matching the 2sj74s, should I then those the two which are closest to 2mA, or just pick the 2sj74s which are closest to each other? When I have found 2 x 2sj74 and then are going to put them on the board instead of the 2sj109, should I turn one of the 2sj74 around, or? Kind regards Danster
Quote: Originally Posted by MisterX And then I should find the transistors which give the same output current? Is this method exact?
Hi there. I only need to match 2sk170 and the 2sj74 before my amp is done! But how do I do it? It's for the gilmore class A headamp... Should I place the transistors same as the 2sj109 and 2sk389? Kind regards Danster
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