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Hey, let me ask you one more question: Do you think Fostex TE-05BK would meet my needs?
Thanks, Indeed, this Pistons seem good choice, although they don't look as good and seem as tough as Yamaha EPH-100, at which I was looking too. But in Poland they cost over 4 times less than Yamaha's; in fact they cost just a bit more than 3 pairs of foams for the Phonaks with shipping :P
Hey, I've been very happy using my Audeos, I enjoy their signature a lot, they're just good. But they are getting old, eg., I've lost all of my tips for them (one of the nozzles got thinner, and tips started to slip off from it), sometimes when I want to play a bit louder they start to overdrive heavily, then after some time they play clear. They're just old. And I want to try something new. Of course, safe way would be to buy another pair, but there is something about...
Did someone hear them? pzdr
That's good; since I've removed one side of my case I'm always suprised how much dust can it take :/
Dust magnet? :>
  Green ones have more bass (sold with HP as "Audeo Perfect Bass", I'd say that they're quite on the bassy side). Gray filters have the most clinical sound.
Hmm, the prices differ quite a lot between Poland and US, but let's say E-MU 0202 USB is near the upper price limit. That's less than $100 I'd buy Mackie Onyx used, but new one is quite expensive
I'll be using speakers, probably KRK Rokit 5 or some of the cheapest active ADAMs
Hey, I'm looking for external DAC/ADC. The soundcard on my PC died (it was Prodigy 7.1 HIFI) and I need something better than internal one. SQ of Prodigy was satisfying for me, moreso, I can do a little downgrade. Little. It happend just few months before my studies and I'm going to study sound engineering, so I'm thinking of getting some not-too-bad ADC. I'll be using notebook, so it has to be external box. It would also be nice if I could switch output from...
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