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How about I trade you cash?
I did a big shoot out with all my stereo receivers. I preferred the Pioneer SX-850 and then the NAD C 740. The Marantz just sucked. I was disappointed. I have more money in the rebuild of this amplifier and I think it looks awesome. It's definitely not going to be used for this application.   I'd love to try a nice headphone amp with these. What do you guys think of the Little Dot tube amps for the K601?
Any updates?
Ahh. Yes, please post your opinions. I'd be interested in hearing which amplifier you think sounds best with your new headphones.
So what would you guys recommend for these headphones? It would have to be a definitely jump up in quality from my receivers and I'd like it to also be versatile enough to be used when I upgrade. My budget is no more than $300.    
I have a pair of AKG K601's and I've read here that they are hard to drive. I have two restored vintage receivers (Marantz 2250B and Pioneer SX-850) and a modern NAD C 740 receiver. The headphones sound incredible on all three receivers, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Would it be worth it for me to buy a dedicated headphone amplifier? If so, why?
  Where are these $150 new? They are $200 on Amazon. After reading this thread, I want a pair.
Did I sell you these?!!! If it was me, let me buy them back. Give me first dibs. Nick
They'd both be unamped, too. Coming out of an iPod or a portable CD player.
These are probably the two coolest looking headphones on the market, IMO. I've read so much about the ES7 and am thinking of buying a pair, but I'd like to know more about the SQ5 since they're a little cheaper, and a little sweeter looking. Has anyone heard both pairs? Also interested in a comfort comparison. Thanks! nick
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