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I'll take a set of upgrade modules as well when they are available. Thanks.
I have both and actually prefer the K271 over the M50. The K271 provides better detail and the M50 has too much bass for me.  I can understand why people would prefer the M50 as people also prefer Bose and Beats because they like that big boomy sound.  Different strokes.
Yes, this site is very slow and I don't visit that much either--the ads are horrendous.  When all the other sites I visit on a daily basis snap and this one plods along, one can't blame it on the hardware or browser software--it's this danged ad-driven philosophy and the way this site is coded.  The owner of Head-Fi needs to accept that this is a failed project unless the overriding concern was $$ instead of community.  I'm not here to generate money to the proprietor...
I liked the Gilmore Lite with the K701s.  If you can spring for another $50 you can pick one of a few AMB M3's on the for sale side with upgraded power supplies.
#10329 here for a couple years now.  My favorites.
It is unbelievable that you have to explain the function of the Van Allen Belt here.  Man, if this isn't an indictment of the failure of the education system I don't know what would be.  
Seller has been banned so I doubt you will get a reply.
I can't comment on the Concerto but I've had the Opera and GS-1 and greatly preferred the GS's clarity. The waiting time for one to be built or listed is tough to endure but it is worth the wait.
The Glite and M3 are pretty much equivalent as has been previously stated.  The GS-1 has a little more power and gives it some depth, a GS-X is just overkill for 701s.  I'd tend to agree that upgrading your source would give you the most benefit from what you've settled on so far.
^You mean a sextett?  AKGs are meant to be huge
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