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PM sent.
 $300 USD now, or if you want to wait until the next bump limit (11 hours) I'll be dropping it to $280 for anyone that wants it.  Yes, I'll ship to Melbourne as long as you pay for whatever shipping method you want to use :).
I made it from scratch with some really great OFC I had lying around.
I'm selling my B&W P7 with the custom cable.  I actually don't have much "on the head" time with these, as I typically use my other headphones due to size restraints.  These are in perfect mint condition without a single scratch on them (they still have the new leather smell), come in the box, have both headphone cables with them, and also another solid-core dead-soft OFC cable (modular, not soldiered into them).  When I got them I burned them in for a month in the closet,...
You're right, and I was wrong! I didn't know that got changed in win7; XP's cap included the vram, but not 7. Thanks for keeping me in check.
 Awesome, I like it better.  A little bit cleaner imo.
  What do you mean "Hiccups"?  Are you saying it stutters?  You probably just need to increase your buffer size in foobar if it's stuttering, because it's defaulted to like 1000ms if I remember right, and that shouldn't be a universal number as every system is different.  System specs have little to do with actual playback.... technically that's not true, but a Pentium 3 on a gig of ram can play FLAC the same as your or my setup.  I will say that I hate Xonar, and everyone...
I just tried the various configurations again.  DH-2 and DH-1 are EXTREMELY close, while DH-3 is extremely different.  I re-enabled Electri-Q, and I won't take that off again.  I'm not sure what the parameters are for Electri-Q, but some songs aren't affected by it, while others are DRAMATICALLY affected by it in a good way.  One thing I noticed between DH-2 and DH-1 are that DH-2 seems to create some subtle reverb around the hi-hats range while DH-1 doesn't, and I do hear...
 1. I'm personally using DH1.  I don't like screwing with the original recording, and refuse to use EQ or anything of that nature.  DH3 adds too much air, and recesses everything under the mids, which I don't like at all.  DH1 gives you a reference profile while still maintaining the integrity of the recording.  I also disabled Electri-Q as I didn't like how it messed with stuff, but that's more of a preference thing, and I don't think it made things better or worse. ...
Just an update. Since the first cable I decided to tweak it a lot, and went with a solid copper. This was the result. Highly recommend this.... I spent an hour going back and fourth between the OEM cable and this one, and this sounds better in every single area. Best of all they just sound more refined now. Plus it looks much cooler .
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