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Quote: Originally Posted by Satellite_6  X2   Of music that I've actually heard of, not just old people music.  I'd like that as well. A webstore with a huge assortment of music with all kinds of genres, mainstream or otherwise, decent interface, myriad of formats to suit everyone's needs, no DRM bullsh*t, reasonable prices, the ability to redownload the music that I own in case of HD crashes or whatever. Oh, and no flash, please. Is it really too much...
Quote: Originally Posted by aleki  if you dont mind me asking, which driver did you go with. My computer was doing well with the 8800GT; although the GTX460 has proven to be more of a PITA than an upgrade W7x64, driver version 266.58, but I'm using them with this crappy GT240 card, which is pretty much like the 8800GT performance-wise. The good thing about it is, it's really quiet, tiny (no monster heat sinks,) and relatively cool. I'd just experiment with a...
olander08, when I was getting some DPC latency spikes (nothing as drastic though) I started diagnosing the cause by killing processes, then going into Device Manager and disabling hardware one by one (don't disable your disk, video card or anything like that obviously; only things like LAN card etc.) You can also try updating the drivers for everything you have in your computer and see if you notice any difference.   In my case, what was causing the biggest spikes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedicated  Well I thought ASIO is the best.   It allows for bit-perfect playback, so does WASAPI.   I use foobar with DS playback myself, which allows me to have both music and in-game sounds playing at the same time. For music listening I switch to a different player. My recommendation would be that you try DS as output in foobar and see if you notice any difference. If you do, you can always switch back to ASIO when you...
Not necessarily. Whether ASIO takes exclusive hold of the card depends on sound card/drivers. Generally it's desirable for it to behave this way. It's possible to change it with WASAPI (although I haven't checked to see if and how it works.)   Does it have to be ASIO? I just switch to something a little less problematic when I'm using music as background for games.
Quote: Originally Posted by J.Pocalypse  Although, I think WASAPI sounds better with XP and ASIO is better with Win 7. KS... dunno. Haven't used it in a while.   There's no WASAPI in Win XP, you're probably thinking KS.
Quote: Originally Posted by moogleslam  Or a final thought - could I have both the soundcard and onboard sound enabled?  Speakers connected to onboard sound and headphones connected to soundcard? Save for some freak incompatibilities, it's doable. That and the apps you want to route the sound from must have the option to choose the output.
Not necessarily in the actual headphones, physically, but yeah, that is what I'm saying.
USB headphones come with their own sound cards. Good for LAN, where you can just plug them in and expect to get the exact same sound you get at home without having to open up the case or install anything. Waste of time for anything else.
Very good, sir. It always bothered me that EQing to make the most sibilant albums not cause my ears to bleed muddied the sound and reduced the size of the soundstage to that of a matchbox, especially in the case of less sibilant ones, so I just sticked to very minimal EQing and stopped listening to badly produced music. Will definitely give this a try.
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