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No amp and the onboard sound card is disabled through the bios.   There are at least two threads about this issue on the official ASUS support forums, though, as expected, no actual support has been provided so far.   http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?SLanguage=en-us&id=20090222084608127&board_id=21&model=Xonar%20Essence%20STX&page=1 http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?id=20110101010416253&SLanguage=en-us&board_id=21&model=Xonar%20Essence%20ST&page=1
Bump. Any of you still experiencing this? I know it's rare, but it's been a while.   I tried several different driver versions, both unofficial and official, always making sure that the previous installed version's been purged from the system thoroughly. I'm currently using the latest stable official release, Essence ST, Windows 7 64-bit, RCA out. I also went back to my previous opamp setup, 2xLME49720 instead of 2xLME49860s.   And yet, it happened to me again...
I was curious about this so I played it on my portable player with two different sets of earphones, and yeah, it's still there. I don't think there's any pattern to it. It's the recording.
Distortion @ 0:26-0:28, 0:31, 0:35, 0:40, 0:42   uLilith/ASIO/some EQ > Essence ST > PRO550   Checked foobar w/WASAPI and no DSPs to confirm.
AllsWell, I'm using W7x64 as well. I'd try both WASAPI and ASIO (not ASIO4ALL) in a bunch of other players and see what happens. If they still don't work, it clearly means something other than foobar is at fault. I'd then try cleaning and reinstalling the sound card drivers from scratch.
I don't really use foobar, but I just tried setting up WASAPI, it worked and this is what the configuration looks like in my case:   foobar > preferences > output: WASAPI output data format: 24 bit no dither   w7 > playback devices > r.click the device you're using to output the sound and click properties > advanced tab > default format: 24 bit, 44100 Hz exclusive mode: both boxes ticked   edit: Without the "Allow applications to take exclusive...
Unless there's something I don't know, using ASIO4ALL, a WASAPI/KS wrapper, with an application that supports WASAPI/KS is kind of like kicking in an open door. It may not be the kind of solution you're looking for, but is there any reason why you can't simply use WASAPI?
Happened to me a few times as well, with two different driver versions. One time I wasn't playing any music at the time it happened, just had my headphones on, it came completely out of nowhere and scared the sh*t out of me. The difference is, I have the Essence ST, I'm connecting the headphones through the RCA out, and in my case the noise only lasts for a couple of seconds and then goes away.   Have any of you done any opamp upgrades?
Quote: Originally Posted by Redcarmoose  When you go over to a friends house and they play an Mp3 which came from who knows where it has skips and drop outs. they say, "I dno got it from a site." Thats is where this whole music quality issue is going. Where will it be 5 years from now when these same people are playing copies of other files degraded 5 years later?   You can not have an industry that has no income without quality starting to drop. I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by Redcarmoose    (...) The other plus is after a while the captive audience factor would be so much pressure to the indies that they would jump on the bandwagon too. (...)   The one issue would be trying to figure out how to handle the buyers old music collection? I would still make it closed and unable to play old files. With so much unpaid for music out there once DRM starts to take control people will not have a collection...
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