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Nothing else is powered by the cable attached to my ST. I just modded and installed the Auzentech drivers, so far so good.   edit:   Some of you might find it interesting that the newest driver version available from Auzentech is; the one from ASUS is ASIO seems to be the same version (   The driver comes with the default C-Media Oxygen HD Audio control panel which seems to offer the same kind of options the one from ASUS...
It's unlikely that this has anything to do with your headphones. It's probably your sound card picking up some interference from one of the other internal components.
Are you still using Windows XP or is there a reason why you choose to output through ASIO4ALL over WASAPI?
And again. I was just browsing the web using Opera, clicked some button on an HTML5 website, no sounds were being played by anything on the computer... I had uLilith (ASIO) idling in the background, the noise went away as soon as I clicked play.
I don't think it's got anything to do with ASIO or WASAPI. It never happened when an application held exclusive access to the card, either through ASIO or WASAPI, at least in my case. holden4th might be onto something here. I'm pretty sure that the problems started when I switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 x64.   I've recently rolled back to an older driver version and haven't experienced any noises in a while now (crosses fingers). I'm using the UNi Xonar 1793...
Quote: Originally Posted by anddy78  I'm using no adaptors, just bend and cut the pins! And you don't really need the "shielding" either. Doesn't do anything.
Essence ST.
No, Dolby Headphone is not available with the line-out. You get (IIRC) Dolby Virtual Speaker instead, which works a little bit different but features the exact same amount of terrible.
Originally Posted by OneSec  This is where the fun begin - the sound is hmm... "organic". Everything seems to smooth a bit compare to LME49720, a very subjective word... "musical"? Also I hear more dynamics. My thoughts exactly. They seem a little warmer, a little less analytical sounding. Wasn't sure if it was just placebo or not. Some say that there shouldn't be any audible difference between the two. I preferred their sound to that of LME49720s,...
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