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  I keep both disabled at all times. The problem persists.   Also, I've always had the onboard sound disabled and rolling back to older driver versions does not help.
    ASIO doesn't mix multiple streams of audio. It works exactly like WASAPI in that particular aspect (there are some differences in other areas). It's sound card/system/driver dependent (EssST/W7/latest from C-Media), so -- like I said -- it might work differently for you. I remember that KS in XP back when I was using an X-Fi based sound card would let other streams through, even though I don't think it should do that; not sure if ASIO behaved the same way.   Sorry for...
  Should probably read my post then.
  What are these disadvantages of using ASIO you speak of? It works (or at least should work) exactly the same in regards to accessing the sound card exclusively; it doesn't let any other audio streams through.In my case, what makes ASIO superior to WASAPI is the fact that when it's in exclusive mode, it doesn't interfere with other applications in any way at all. I can turn it on at any time, play some music, stop it and not have it cause any problems. WASAPI, on the...
  I just turned it off. ST is a PCI card. I hope the feature's just mislabeled and it actually helps...   In case someone doesn't know how to: Control Panel > System and Security > Change when the computer sleeps > Change advanced power settings > PCI Express.
  If there is, I wish I knew what it was.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/494565/xonar-essense-stx-random-loud-high-pitched-ringing-noise
  It's not possible for a program like uLilith to cause any kind of driver instabilities when it isn't running.
If it didn't install, there's no need to uninstall. Just delete it. As for file associations (in case you let uLilith handle it,) just run whatever program you're switching to and let it work its magic.
CMSS3D > Stereo > DH. No experience with THX Tru-studio.
  You get yourself a 6.35mm->3.5mm adapter.
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