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Someone mentioned the amp in the Essence ST/STX line of cards. I'm using the 250ohm version of the 990's with the Essence ST (3xLME49860). I've tried the built-in headphone amp and the speaker/RCA out. To me, the latter sounds much cleaner. I didn't hear any benefits when using the built-in amp. To the contrary. One of the differences that the amp introduced was an always present, low humming noise. The other was unnecessarily high volume levels, since I usually listen...
Done and done. Nice initiative. I'm curious to see what percentage of people will get it right.
Here's my little review. After you register, you can create your first profile and configure it through the MyEars website (Flash). You're guided through the whole setup, which takes 10-15mins. As an amateur audiophile and an avid complainer, I have to say that I was a little put off by the sound quality of the voice recordings used during the configuration process. After you complete that step, you can download your very own, personal drivers that work as a virtual...
I would say the x64Core2 one is for multi-core processor systems.
  Yes, it didn't help. I had it happen once or twice during the past couple of months with the fix installed.
The bug hasn't been fixed. If you listen to your music at 60%, then I'm guessing 100% would be "listenable" as well, just a little too loud and the noise won't go past that when and if it occurs.   250ohm DT990PROs, I listen at 20-40% (outputting through speaker out/RCA) and, well, it's just scary as hell when you're sitting in a quiet room, with your headphones on, no music playing*, and all of a sudden you get a high-pitched beeping noise coming out of your...
Hi, sorry to hear it didn't work. uLilith stores its settings in the registry as well. If searching there and removing all its entries doesn't help, you could try contacting the developer. He's a nice guy and he answers his e-mail.
I'm guessing one of uLilith's cfg files stores the path to VCOM.cfg which resides in uLilith\VCOM. uLilith's cfg files are stored in:   C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Project9k   Unless you wanna go in and edit the paths by hand, simply delete the *.cfg files contained in this directory. Hope this helps.
It's most likely a Windows 7 (maybe Vista too) issue, yes. I doubt the Claro Halo driver is going to change anything. Last I checked they were using a much older driver version than the other manufacturers and they all get their drivers from C-Media, (sometimes) slap their frontend on it, add some additional options. In case this makes you wonder, no, rolling back to an old version isn't going to help either, so don't even bother.   As it stands, getting rid of the...
Auzentech driver does NOT resolve the issue. I've had it happen with the modded drivers installed. And neither does the Unified Xonar driver btw.   I wonder if it ever happens with cards that use the same chip from different manufacturers or if it's just an ASUS issue.
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