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    Since I need a working VST wrapper plugin, I'm using an old version too, so it is by no means the future. ;)
I listen to a lot of electronica (breakcore, drill n bass, idm, ambient) and I recently upgraded from HFI580s to PRO550s (only about 50hrs of burn in so far, so I guess they need a little more time to reach their full potential).   If you're all about the quantity of bass and the 780s are anything like the 580s then I'd say go with the 780s. PRO550s have a little less bass, but they're more detailed, the soundstage is also much bigger, and they're also much better...
Not even one reply? Nobody out there who's got headphones with this material and knows how to properly clean it? :(
I recently bought a new pair of headphones (PRO550) that have this soft, paper thin material covering the earpads and the headband cushion. My friend's HD280's earpads got ripped after about a year of everyday use, and since they use the same material, I'm a little concerned about its durability or rather lack thereof. Is there any way to keep this kind of material in good shape for long periods of time or is it simply bound to get all ripped to shreds and replaced once...
I recently switched from headphone out to line out. The hiss is gone at 44.1kHz and it even sounds a little better due to my opamp combo (nothing fancy, 2x49720NA/LM6172). I guess the problem lies in the built in amp, but why it's only affected at the lowest sampling rate remains a mystery...
Agreed. If I don't lower the volume with crossfeed on there's some very noticeable clipping in some songs. Even if I didn't use the volume control myself, I wouldn't see the harm in leaving it as an option for those who do.
Kind of minimalistic when it comes to buttons and graphics with lots of info. Columns UI + some scripting, playing/stopping/pausing with kb shortcuts.
Have you tried changing the sample rate to a different value than 44.1KHz? I can hear the hissing noise at 44.1KHz, but not at 48, 96, or 192. I'm using the Ultrasone HFI580's (closed, so decent isolation, 32Ohm).
You might want to give the older version a try. I've been using it for a while now and, like I said, works great with foobar2k. Checked for viruses and uploaded it here.
I couldn't get the new version of head-fit to work with foobar2k 0.9.6/w George Yohng's VST Wrapper or uLilith (running WinXP SP3 x86). All the sliders from the EQ and Crossfeed setup windows were visible at the same time and bunched up together in the same screen/tab. Clicking the buttons or moving the sliders around didn't do anything. Same problem with head-fit lite. Fortunately, I still have the older version, which works flawlessly and sounds...
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