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The pads on the PX100 are replaceable I remember redoing mine
Any of the long surviving headphones, really Chances are people have heard them and know what you're talking about Audio Technica M50s Sony 7506/V6 Beyerdynamic DT48 Grados
Real impressed that so much went into a low end IEM Wonder what goes into the high end ones
So I love the sound of my Meelectronics A151s and the cord is great except for the fact that it's heavy and droops all over the place. It gets annoying as the cord will dangle around, get caught on the buckles of my bag and my clothes, or drag the drivers off my desk due to its weight. Anyone else encounter this on any other IEMs? Any solutions?
4711 is a tad potent for the job, no?   Is there a recommended soap that I can use to wipe down the head band? 
So how do you guys clean your headband and ear cups on your head phones? Thanks
I think the issue is not with the medium, but with the mastering   The resolution on modern equipment can be breathtaking
$60 max I have a one time recording gig that I got volunteered to do... Don't own closed cans Rough monitoring of levels and stereo panning. Need good midrange (the singer is family)   Want to use the headphones after for general listening   The Beyer DT235s are calling my name. Any alternatives?   Thanks!
I loved my M9s, but I cannot get the M6s to seal consistently...
So I got recruited by family to do some rough recording and I don't own a single closed headphone. I know the Sony V6 is the "standard", but how would the Beyerdynamic DT235s hold up? I just want to be able to hear the levels and check that the mix is okay. (Using a Tascam DR680 and its built in mic pres)
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