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My 2c on all of this.   I own the HiFiman 400S and prefer it to the Sennie 650 & 598 BUT not to the HD800, which I've adapted cords to use for portable playback (Sony SA100, SA17 & SA25).  So I strongly disagree with an earlier comment the HiFiMan 400S is ther best unit under $2500.   That said there may be compatibility issues which steer others to feel differently and a major one for me is quality of input.  Some headphones might react adversely to faulty input while...
I'm guessing only Sony could help as it is a rare part that few (and you might be the only one)  A15 owners ever need. In your position I would hunt for a second hand A25 - they sell here for half the new price and most are as good as new, probably no more than Sony would charge for a repair, even if they would do it.  You might get a few dollars from someone for your A15 as 16GB does hold a lot of files in MP3 format.
"No is NOT THE NEW TOY SYNDROME is the LOUSY BUILD OF THE ZX100 at least for me THE CAUSE FOR THE SELLING"   Not sure I understand.  Please list the "lousy" parts of the ZX100 build.
Have you tried this APP?https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/dont-let-pigeon-run-this-app!/id459749670?mt=8
 LOL, I like your high-tech method of communication.  You are obviously keeping that bird updated with the latest software to keep it nice and warm.
I see we are not really on opposite sides of the fence. I wondered about bypassing the DAP amp with line out so purchased an adaptor for the SONY ZX100 to do just that.  I experimented feeding the signal from the DAP via the headphone socket (using the internal amp) and via the adaptor (line out) but could detect no difference.  The feed was into a high quality Luxman integrated amp and to high quality Dali speakers. Now it could be that these old ears are too tired to be...
 Not sure I understand what you are saying Grump.  Surely the input to an external DAC is digital, not analog so surely it would be relevant to my original question? You quote tube amplifiers being preferred by some because their distortion is preferred.  If that is what a user prefers then no argument such an external amp would suit but in general terms I still stand by my argument that no external amplifier, accepting the analog input from the DAP, can improve the...
There seems some confusion about this but I found the article at http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries  useful.   From that I would gather the following two Do's & Don'ts:   * Avoid leaving the DAP in the sun as heat accelerates deterioration   * Best not to let it get completely discharged so better to top the charge up from time to time   Any further comment?
They were obviously just jealous!!
Years ago my primary use for a DAP was for music while doing relatively tedious outside jobs like mowing.  We have a very large lawn which takes 2 hours to mow using a small 4WD Kubota tractor with mowing deck underneath.  Initially I used a relatively primitive SONY with MP3 pop and classical mix on board but graduated to a Samsung with OGG formatted files on board.  So there was this odd picture of me waltzing around on the noisy tractor with ears blocked off with E4...
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