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Who changes clothes?  Waste of time.  Glad you have vaguely heard of us.  This map might help visualisation next time:   Wow, recognition by the Simpsons.  At last we are on the world map!
No, we levitate (upside down of course) and listen to uplifting music to assist.. And, living in the Southern Island State of Tasmania, we are also blessed with colder and more stimulating weather so are definitely not Trumped up!
Interesting. The original A17, purchased here a couple of years ago has S/N 5132289 while another used one I bought recently is 5251776 so yours is obviously a much later production unit.The battery on the first one is not holding up as well as it did once but is not of concern yet.  Years ago I replaced a battery in a Samsung player but it was a messy, fiddly soldering job.  I guess the A17 would be even more challenging.  Has anyone here attempted it?
I'm guessing the "Australians" you met were not the real variety but a mutant variety resulting from climate change.  Damn, and I thought you were serious about the backward concept. That is a relief and demonstrates your education system is progressive and up to date except in regards to Southern hemisphere intelligence.
No, that is a common fallacy.  Water might go down sinks anticlockwise but the main difference is we are upside down.  Think about it, that is a real advantage as it improves blood flow to the head and explains why Australians are so clever and koalas are so cute,
That is very weird.  The ZX100 is available new here for around $AUD650 (Canadian Dollar similar to ours), used A17's are scarce (I have two and am wondering whether to keep both) while the A25 is available here new for $AUD220 and used for around the $AUD170 mark.  Airmail O/s from here is about $AUD15 so if anyone is having difficulty buying a SONY then I'm happy to help out as I love spending other people's money.
SOLD SOLD SOLD   These were purchased new  - an impulse buy, and arrived this week.  I listened to them for 30 minutes and was, as expected, wowed by the audio quality.  But then sanity started to set in.  There are 6 headphones in the house (HD800 & HD800S among them), Cardas, Etymotic and Jays IE units, so what use do I really have for these when I'm retired and no longer travelling?   So the two rubber ear inserts that I used were cleaned and the decision made to...
No, you are being observant. The sad thing is you will have to pay at least 2X the price of the 400S to get improvement.  The 400S are not perfect BUT are excellent value for the money and marginally better than my 650 Sennies but sound relatively drab when you put on the 800 Sennies. Life sucks sometimes when you have to pay so much more for relatively little gain.
Soon to join this illustrious group having won a bid for IE800s (from the UK) this morning.  It will be a couple of weeks before they land.   I've just perused the last 10 pages here and am intrigued by some of the opinions expressed.  Here is my 2c on why opinions on IE800, and other quality items, can differ so markedly:   1. No two brains with attached ears interpret AQ the same because of genetics modified by personal tastes over the years; 2. No two front ends...
I have both so I'm not asking this question for myself but this post is inspired by a similar question asked by someone elsewhere which I thought might be of value in a new thread.  Apologies if it causes irritating duplication but I could not find any similar thread.  And please note that, in the following discussion, the new HD800 is signified with a capital S -> HD800S   There is no clear cut answer to this question to the header question as we all have different ears...
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