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Deal pending
The serial number is: 15337
I found an audio-visual guy to do an inspection on the thing, and unfortunately one of the transformers was out so it wasn't worth repairing. Luckily though, I decided to test out the speakers to see if they were garbage by stripping the wires and plugging them into a klipsch amp I had around. All I can say is that the bass is gargantuan, the mids are a little muttled, the highs very sharp, and there is a glorious projection of sound that floods into the room that I...
Is this still for sale? Dibs.
Hey guys thanks for the input so far. You all are are correct - it is a stereo amp. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of the full unit, there is an additional speaker on the left side (left channel). If I can fix this up for $50 and have a good tube amp and speakers I will definitely bite. I am an engineering college student with modest funds and a Hakko 936 soldering station so I am certainly hoping to fix this baby up if I can find out if it's worth it. I will be sure...
Hey Stitch. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the thing doesn't work and I don't know anything about the system, so I'm trying to figure out whether it's something awesome that I should invest my time repairing. But as of now I'm just waiting for some feedback.
Hey guys, I live in Baltimore so people throw cool stuff away all the time, so recently I came across this old beautiful Columbia Speaker Cabinet made out of this dark hardwood and a tube amp inside. Unfortunately, I can't find any information about this thing except that it was probably made in the late 50s, so I'm posting some pictures so you all can take a look and maybe tell me if it is something worth repairing? I can't find anywhere where it says Columbia made audio...
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