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 Any chance to get some idea of what the modules will be?  I'd like to get a case for the stock Mojo but I'd hate to have to buy two cases.  Just wondering if it's something worth holding out on a case or not. Thanks!
Is the Mojo case worth getting? 
  How do they sound? I just got some Angie V2's and should have my Mojo in this week. 
 Not sure why you wiped your post.  Learning audio just takes time. It took me a few years to pick up on what I like and hate. Until then just try everything you can. Just remember that nobody can tell you something is good if you think its crap. Your opinion is all that matters in the end.  The FLC8S' will teach you most of what you need to know about the type of sound sigs available. Basically it'll cover 90% of the IEM's on the market's sound sig for the most part.  Oh...
 Not meaning to play devil's advocate here but why not use a longer USB OTG cable and place it a few inches or feet away from your phone? If you've got a phone constantly rattling the sound looking for a signal when reception is bad then just switch it to Airplane mode and store some of your Spotify or Tidal for offline use. Hell I have unlimited verizon with my Nexus 6 and I still keep a few Tidal playlists offline just in case I'm stuck somewhere with no signal.  Not...
So far my fav combo is:   Low to High Red, Clear, Black.      Anyone else share this preferred sound? I love the super deep sub bass but also hate the mid bass bump and also love the airiness and transition from mids into the highs.    Thoughts?
Angie v2. Terrible mistake... Sorry!
Does anyone know of good ultra portable tweezers for the rare but potential case when your tip may come off inside your ear while out and about?    Hoping to find a pair that was small enough to fit inside the case of the IEM's (i.e. Altoids tin, etc). Looking at something like Uncle Bill's Gripper Tweezers that go on a keychain but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas. 
I don't know if this has been posted yet or not. I've used the search function with no luck but hopefully someone will know off the top of their head.   I have the Nexus 6 and a Mojo coming soon. My question is which app (BubbleUPnP or UAPP) is best for overall quality with Tidal for use with Viper4Android? Mainly I'm looking for the best quality while still taking advantage of some of the features of V4A and which would be the best sound...   I have a love affair...
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