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 The S-EM9 is the absolute best IEM for metal. It has the clarity, detail, speed and punch that almost anyone would say is the key to good metal sound.  I've heard most higher end IEM's except the more obscure ones and the S-EM9's just blow the rest away. 
I had the XC's for a long while and they were my and likely will always be my all time fav cans. Main downfalls with them is the weight and the lack of isolation. It does not leak sound however but it'll let plenty of sound in.    It did have a nice bass and the mids and highs were splashy similar to the Ether C Flow but the Ether C Flow is much more detailed and doesn't have near as much sibilance or harshness, not that the XC had it to begin with.    The XC's did...
 I've been burning mine 95% of the time since Wednesday night and I haven't noticed a huge difference personally. I guess they sound so good from the beginning I don't notice them getting better. :p
Most everyone here favors the MOJO. I have one but haven't given it a go on the c flow yet.
I was in the same boat but decided to go ahead and get them. In the past I've owned the LCDXC and currently own the SRH1540. I've also had the Alpha Prime and all were good but not great. The Ether C Flow is great. There is a review at headphone guru that gives them a positive review. I really think Tyll's review came off more harsh than it meant to.
I actually had a pair of the Ether C Flow on order. I was wanting to change my order to the regular open flow even tho I wanted closed. Anyways, I talked with Dan himself directly and he talked me into keeping C Flow order. They arrived yesterday and boy are they something special. I don't want to say too much until I give them more head time but so far I'm in love.
 Modi + Jot? I thought the Jot had an option to include a balanced DAC.
I personally have no issues with sbc on my Nexus 6. I've tried several Bluetooth amps and all sound good. I can't really hear a diff between Tidal hifi and high though.
 Ether C Flow as well with the Mojo?
  Do you have the Ether or Flow? Was wondering if you'd give some thoughts on how they sound with the Jutunheim. I really want to grab one for Xmas. 
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