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 Ether C Flow as well with the Mojo?
  Do you have the Ether or Flow? Was wondering if you'd give some thoughts on how they sound with the Jutunheim. I really want to grab one for Xmas. 
 I think they are kind of a grey color. :p But seriously, they are considered darker than the HD600 by most with certain gear. 
 Meh, if it's comparable it should be up on the block for comparison. I know they are completely different class but to compare a HD600 to like a mid class car vs the Ether Flow to a high end sports car is fair. Obviously the sports car is going to perform better but it should relate to people who are familiar with the the mid class car.  I could get behind not comparing headphones to IEMs but even still they are indeed comparable if you know the limitations of each.
How would you compare the two since you prefer the Ether c flow?
  I would much rather have closed back cans due to their ability to block out background noise and as you mentioned in most cases provide a more immersive bass and sub bass. I love my bass but hate muddy bass...
I'm about to pull the trigger on the Ether Flow or Ether C Flow.. both have their advantages and all but I'm still trying to decide between the two. The Flow is obviously going to have a wider soundstage and the C Flow will likely have a punchier bass/sub-bass.    I listen to a lot of metal and also game often. I loved the LCD-X and XC but had to sell them off due to comfort issues. Now I have the Hifiman HE560 with upgraded pads and they are awesome. Very detailed and...
I just got a pair of Shure SRH1540's and my 8 core MMCX Whiplash cables don't fit it... Would whiplash or another cable maker be able to mod or change the tip to fit it or am I out of luck?
 Are you sure they don't fit? They might be a little tight to begin with but by stretching the material it'll fit. I have a set of the Brainwavz angled pads on my TH900's and they fit and sound great.  If that fails I think I remember seeing an ad from Moon-Audio that has the stock Fostex Pads in stock. 
 Main reason I asked is not all DAC's I hook up to my Windows 10 PC have the bass boost feature/option. All Schiit DAC's I've hooked up have had it though so I was hoping the Jot did.  Thanks!
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