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Mine fits nicely on top of my Lyr 2 stack. Not ideal but it works.   
 don't they make USB type C adapters to work with Micro USB?
 I bought the leather case for my Mojo just so I could bedazzle mine. Jk! Seriously tho, I didn't mean to get everyone off tracking and arguing. I personally have a love affair with my Lyr 2 and Amperex tubes. I replaced my Hugo with the Mojo as a DAC for it. I found the Hugo to be sterile and detail oriented to pair with the Lyr 2 with certain headphones namely the TH900 which is already prone to sibilance in the upper mids. The Mojo isn't as bright as the Hugo and the...
  I just did some more comparisons between the Mojo and Lyr 2 with Mojo as the DAC and found the Lyr 2 has a very slight mid bass punch that the Mojo doesn't have. Also the separation on high hats and cymbals is better on the Lyr 2 which might translate to brightness but it's not sibilant by any means. If anything it's further extension above 16Khz that gives it more air than the Mojo. The differences are microscopic and you really have to listen very very hard to hear any...
 I have a Modi 2 Uber at work and like I say compared to the Mojo it doesn't sparkle or shine in any way if maybe just a little upper mid boosted. 
I have the old style smc plug. I ordered some connectors so we'll see how that turns out. I kind of wish they were 2.5mm.That said the spc 2.5 cable I have for my 400i is much better than stock.
  Having a higher dampening would be preferred vs more power overall into the headphone?  I know the Lyr 2 and Mojo are two different amps but I find the Mojo warmer than the Lyr 2 which has a higher damping factor which is said to provide tighter and more controlled bass.  I'm just trying to decide which is best for my 560's. I know it comes down to whichever sounds better and I prefer but I'd like some feedback from the community as well. 
 I sent this PM to another member a few months ago and was a decent comparison between the 846 and EM9: ----------EM9 would be my suggestion hands down in all genres.  The SE846 is a great IEM and you wont go wrong with it if you end up with it. The EM9 however is in a different league. It is the best sounding anything I've heard. I do with the soundstage was a bit larger but tbh I have played some gaming on them and they are very good for that so it's likely not as bad as...
Does anyone know or mind explaining what "damping factor" is?    With my 560's it shows the Mojo as having an extremely high damping factor while a slightly lower peak spl vs my Lyr 2 (with mojo as dac).    https://www.audiobot9000.com/match/hifiman/he-560/with/schiit/lyr-2 https://www.audiobot9000.com/match/hifiman/he-560/with/chord/mojo
 I usually don't listen to music that loud but lately I've been turning it up due to how good these damn things sound.  I do use Tidal and the max quality settings for both Tidal and my Mojo.  On a side note, I'm extremely tempted to get the new Schiit Jotunheim balanced DAC/Amp and start the process of switching to balanced with my cables/terminations. 
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