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 Personally, when I find something I really like no matter what hobby it is with, I think really hard about whether or not I should own two... I mean what if the first one breaks, it'd be nice to have a backup right? It's an internal struggle. :p
With the mids you're right but as far as overall detail retrieval the th600/900 series are the most detailed cans I have ever heard. They don't have the lushness or pop that others have.
I have the Akt5p with Shure Srh1540 pads and they are similar on sound. Also the Fostex TH600 and TH900 have a bright yet visceral bass.I have all 3 and they are my favorite full size cans period.
 I have a suggestion but nobody here really seems to actually consider trying it. I use the full larger mouthed triple flange tip with my SE846. Yes, I know most Shure's come with their own small mouthed triple flange tips but those are garbage. They muffle the sound but do offer the same isolation.  The easiest way to do the mod is to cut the end off of another tip that fit the SE846 properly and shove them in the larger mouthed triple flanges so they'll essentially be an...
  Most of the time an amp/dac means better components and a better sound than whatever device you're plugging into. Most of the time I value convenience over quality like carrying a secondary device when portable on the go.  There is plenty to read on whether it's worth it or not but personally my Lyr 2 with Amperex vintage tubes running optical through a Chord Hugo is the best sound I've ever heard but there's no way I'm carrying that with me while out and about or even...
  They even sell colored O-Rings. You might have some luck finding these at tattoo shops or places that sell piercing stuff that a lot of hippies like to wear.  
 If you need to extend it down the tube some and want it to be even every time, go down to your local hardware store and pick up some small O-Rings. Home Depot and Lowes have them for a few dollars and have the small size you'd need. Just eyeball it. :p
 If the bass is bleeding into the mids you might want to see if you have some type of EQ running or possibly your source. I know some of my amps have a much higher degree of mid range bass than others even when they are set to flat.
 Best cable I've ever used is the Linum BaX cable. Not sure how much they are over in the UK but in the US they run around $90-100 shipped. Very thin, comfortable and transparent sounding cable. http://www.head-fi.org/t/719062/review-estron-linum-bax-new-iem-cable-for-a-new-age  Another option is to try the Westone memory wire cable. You'll have to cut about 1mm off of the overlap material to fit the Shure with an Xacto knife but it's easy to do. The Westone memory wire...
With my nexus 6 and Netflix I'm noticing a microscopic amount of delay/lag. If I had to put a number on it I'd have to say at absolute worst it's 50ms if that. I honestly can't see any lag with lip sync.On a large screen it might be a much bigger issue but on a 6" screen it's not an issue at all. As for games that depend on timing... Can't speak for that.Maybe certain companies have synced video and audio somewhat to better help with lag. I know my Samsung s4 was horrible...
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