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Sold!!! Thanks!
 You're not helping my wallet... I need to look into recabling but I don't know if it's really possible with my favorite pair of headphones Koss KSC75's.. I had to repair a loose connection once and it was everything I could do to get the soldering to stick properly.. I'm guessing the wires would need to be terminated at the speaker itself or right before if it's balanced?
Still available?
Great condition! It isn't the 2.0 version but it is able to tube roll so I'm calling it the 1.5 version. It does not have the gain toggle switch but it is able to handle everything I've thrown at it. I'm looking for something different but it adds a very good meat and treble crisp to the HD800's and T1's I've had the pleasure of trying out on it.   Comes with original tubes and Schiit box.    Asking $220 + shipping.
I think I'll just go with a Lyr 2. Right now I just don't have the budget for balanced. Lyr 2 + Bifrost Uber will keep me happy for years and is something I could even pass down a generation. Or if I decide to resell the value seems to be solid over time. If there is a balanced + dac balanced solution that isn't portable and on Amazon I'd be all for it.
Right now I'm on the fence between:   Schiit Bifrost Uber + Lyr 2.0   OR   ALO Island + Schiit Mjolnir     Right now my setup is an Asus Essence STU (Muse) and a Valhalla 1.5 (tube rolling but no gain switch) with my HE560's. The HE560's struggle a little with the Valhalla but I LOVE the sound they produce with almost every can I throw at them including my cheapy KSC75's which is the best sounding they've ever been. My HE560's sound great through my Asus onboard...
No but I like having the volume knob around 50% at a comfortable listening level. Of it goes up to 75% that'd be fine too.
I was thinking SE DAC > Valhalla > Balanced amp. That's too much trouble. I may just aim for a Lyr.
What if I used my Valhalla as a preamp to give it a little more volume?I'm on the fence and trying to decide the best way to go.
Would the sound quality take a huge hit compared to a balanced dac?
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