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The Output Impedance switch only works with Single Ended correct? It has no effect on Balanced output?   When using my M8 it doesn't change anything when connected via RSA balanced but changes with both the 1/8" and 1/4" jack. 
Thanks for that info.I had looked at the manual but I didn't read it cover to cover.
Yup. I've toggled it on and off a few times and it works like it should when using it as a player. Using it as a dac the volume still won't worn unless the screen is on. Maybe it's just bugged.
 For some reason the pull down doesn't work when the dac is enabled and connected to PC..
Question:   I just got my hands on the Centrance M8 with Optical and RSA.. is it possible to use it with my Samsung S4 via USB OTG?    I checked the site and it shows compatible but I was wondering if anyone has gotten it to work and ifso, how. Thanks!
 I'll check to see if I'm on the latest firmware. I don't see that option.  Mind if I ask where it is specifically? It works perfect when playing from the player but as a dac it doesn't...  Thanks!
Question: When using the AK120ii as a dac/amp on PC via USB, how do I get system volume controls working properly?    Currently the only way to adjust volume is to turn on the AK120ii's screen and adjusting volume (otherwise it doesn't register, works fine when not in dac mode) and the second method for adjusting volume is to use the app's volume. 
 I'm working on some impressions and gathering my thoughts. I'll try to have it up soon. Rather than me just farting on a page I'll try to organize those farts better. :p
Shane, my wallet is still sore... Must resist!
Yup. I wanted to give them a day to adjust to my ears first. I have a lot of thoughts about them and they are very positive.I'll write something out later when I get back from running a few errands (picking up my AK120ii from FedEx!)Any specific questions?
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