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Are you still interested in selling the Reference 7? I am a UK buyer who is interested. My old feedback thread is here:
I am up for meeting and helping out with logistics etc. My house unfortunately isn't very much so I can't host. :( It would be great to meet again in the Cambridgeshire area!
Does anyone noticed any issues with the Optical input for the M8? When I use the Optical output from the TV there's occasionally a <1 second drop out. Sometimes I can see "No signal" being displayed on the DAC, but it's not always. Replacing with my Chord Hugo works without any interruption, but I prefer the sound of the M8 in my living room setup (I think there's a better synergy with the M8 and my living room setup, rather than saying the Hugo isn't as good as the M8 - I...
Amazing news! Can't wait for the meet - I will try to drag a few friends along!
Darkkopi, Customs Cables ( sells them in the UK. I don't know how much shipping will cost however. They went to the London Head-Fi meet and they are two very friendly guys!
I'm in as well! The last event was amazing, and I have no doubt this one will exceed all expectations! Thanks GSARider for all of your efforts!
I would like to register my interest in attend, and I have just read that there's a waiting list for this event. I am wondering what's the best way of registering my interest in attending?   Thanks!
I have an excellent time yesterday! It was great chatting to many of you. Highlight for me was listening to the various excellent Stax 007 setups! They were all absolutely amazing and leaves nothing to be desired.   Fried Reim of Violectric is excellent, and I was blown away by his V181 and V800 setup. So blown away that I have bought the V181 on the spot! It's now serving very well as my amp for the HD650 and K1000. Hopefully by this time next year I will have a...
definitely count me in! I live in Cambridge, so I don't think it would be a problem for me to bring everything I have except for my OMZ DAC if I can find a way of securing them properly. HD650 K1000 (with a slight defect on the right driver) JVC DX1000 Grade RS-2 Audiovalve RKV MKII Headamp GS-1 Zhaolu 2.5A with discrete headamp
I have the Audio Valve RKV MKII *without* the Impedancer. It's dusty and the knob does not look as new anymore but otherwise functionally perfect. If you are interested I would love to talk to you about it over pm.
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