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Just re-visiting this old thread.   I recently took my first steps into computer Hi-Fi with the purchase of a 2TB Vortexbox and a Squeezebox touch. So far, I have ripped about 20% of my CDs to FLAC (automatically handled by the Vortexbox for the most part) and am enjoying what the Squeezebox has to offer.   Once everything is ripped, I envision this will be about as simple as you can hope for. Except trying to figure out what to play
PM sent!
Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Transporter. Thanks also for drawing attention to music servers/Olive - I am not really very savvy with computer audio, but I do want to start centralising my library as browsing through CD racks is getting old. Is the reviews for the Olive were a little more favourable, I would be all over it.
Just curious what you didn't like about the Transporter, as I have been thinking about taking that route myself.
I purchased Eric's NWA808 and could not be happier. The item arrived quickly from Canada, and was in perfect condition, with bonus screen protector and protective case. Communication was excellent and the entire transaction was super smooth. Tip-top head-fier! Thanks Eric!
Please bring back ATRAC! Or at least give the Japanese units an option for English menus.
I noticed the new "Western" Sony DAPs support AAC. Pardon my ignorance, but does this suggest that gapless playback might work on the new Sonys if you encode in AAC - or is gapless a hardware issue rather than an encoding issue? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo i was as stalwart an md supporter till 2005 and 06 when i finally gave up and bought a meizu m6 and later a cowon d2. we md users have been lied to for so long by sony that it is hard to go to another format. we believe everything so inferior when in fact, we have been listening to a format that has virtually had no upgrades in years unlike mp3, aac, ogg and other high quality encoders. that said, when i moved to...
Quote: Originally Posted by synaesthetic There's a decoder chip in the JPN-market ATRAC hardware that's not present in the NA and EU market variants. It's more than just a firmware issue. The reason ATRAC went out of vogue everywhere is pretty simple. MP3 was chosen as the industry standard; bucking the standard is a pretty quick way to wind up marginalized. ATRAC is just another MiniDisc, another BetaMax, another HD-DVD or SACD, a format doomed to...
Thanks guys! I appreciate your thoughts. Dura: I have seen the A808 on a few ebay sites, and it is the model that is consistently advertised as having English menus. Looks like it will be the one for me. Good to know you have had good success with it. Any idea why ATRAC is still supported in Japan, but not elsewhere? I assume the only difference between Japanese (ATRAC+) and non-Japanese (ATRAC-) DAPS is the software/firmware.
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