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I doubt they will sell that and when I communicated with them about it the reply was that they had no plans to come out with one in any foreseable future
Linum don't do a 3,5 mm trrs cable
You will always have to pay a premium for the latest tech
Yes and ????
It's not just about volume. You can have volume enough but still not drive the phone properly. My EU ZX2 could give me plenty of volume for the HE-500 but it was driven nowhere near its potential
Strange. I have about 800GB of flac ranging from 16/44 to 24/192 (only stereo not nulti channel) and have yet to find a song that the ZX2 wont play
As far as I understand it HE-6 is discontinued so what pops up for sale now is what is left in stock at various dealers
I know both are 3,5mm but is the wireing also the same ?
There is no objective answer to that (and Fiio has many models)
I like the Sony flip top case but will admit that it is rather expensive
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