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Not possible to do after all
So you can connect to a pc for charging while still using the DX90 as a player
As we have seen, what is better for some is worse for others
Balanced phone out I'm not interested in and with my limited understanding don't think is possible but I could well be wrong
I'm pretty sure we are talking a 3,5 mm (1/8") TRRS balanced line out for this mod and nothing else
So just to be clear. Is he intending to add an extra output for the balanced line out or will it replace the existing single ended line out ?
I dont get the scan/browse unless I insert a card
Check the DX50 faq, almost everything applies to the DX90 as well
I totally agree with this. The only small wish I have now is if the sampling rate and bit depth display could be replaced by a track X of Y display. Everything else I use works perfectly now and the sound out to my SR71-B is great.And then to see if a balanced line out mod materializes.
 Yep, as long as it is the 32-bit version of Windows
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