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I know it is not required, my HE-500 can be driven even by my ZX2 and iPhone just nowhere near their potential. And I didn't say that 1 watt point to a speaker amp, just that it is realistic, those numbers equate to around 6 watt into a 8 ohm speaker load. Fang himself demonstrated the HE-500 hooked to a speaker amp when they first came out
According to Fang recommended power is 1 watt into 38 ohm (as opposed to 8 watt into 50 ohm for HE-6) so using a speaker amp is not unrealistic
Yes PM3 is a closed planar
I dont think the other player apps sound like crap, but I'm also sticking to the Sony player with disabled sound enhancements. Sounds fine to me and the gui works the way I like it to work
What you are describing is essentially how I would describe most of the difference going from single ended to balanced
Ah yes, After rereading your original comment I see what you are getting at. Personally I'm running the HE-500 balanced from a RudiStor balanced headphone amp fed balanced from an Audiolab 8200CD cd player/dac and that setup really makes the HE-500 sing
HiFiMan themselves suggest using speaker output especially for HE-6 and supply a connection box for that purpose
Unless Apple Music is required as that app will not work on Android 4.2 and I expect that other apps will follow that trend so new versions might no longer work on ZX2
I've had mine for about 4 1/2 years and have not heard anything that has made me want to upgrade. I have Signature Pro for when I need closed phones and JH13 for travelling.
You can glue the HD650 head band foam inlay to the inside of the HE-500 headband. Much more comfortable
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