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It's perfectly ok. Any gain can damage anything if you turn up the volume to high for a given phone. I use high gain for all my phones as I prefer the sound with high gain and the I just reduce volume to compensate
If it claims to provide that much power in the size of the stock battery it is almost certainly fake
I use the Anker 4400 mah battery without the back cover with the silicone skin solely for longer playtime. I have other batteries but am unable to tell any sound difference (which does not mean that there is no difference, just that I can't hear any)
It is very firm first time and when you replace it, it will not close completely but leaves a tiny gap. It's much easier to remove second time though
Paul could you comment a bit more on what actually happens during a scan. My personal theory is as follows. There is a database directory both on the sd card and the internal memory. As I can work out the player always plays and displays from the directory stored on internal memory. When you insert a card the directory on internal memory is cleared and the scan message appears. If you cancel that nothing is in the directory on the internal memory and you cant browse by...
Could be bad tags in some files or not enough free space on the sd card and/or internal memory to write the database and albumart directory
Why do you want to do that ?Both the amp and dac in the DX90 are more than good enough for most purposes.
Exactly. Another thing could be differences in different implementations of the compression algorithm. I've had experiences with zip files (which is another example of lossless compression) where files compressed by one tool could not be decompressed by another tool. Also some flac implementations don't properly support decompressing all flac levels
You wont damage anything but you might have trouble getting the volume right on both since you dont have individual volume control
You will need to manually edit the playlist file to get the path to the files correct with respect to the DX90 filesystem. Create a playlist on the DX90 and export it to see the correct pathname
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