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It is bigger according to the specs earlier in this thread
The EU unit never goes as loud as the Japan unit. There are 2 caps, one at nominally 85 dB and another at 100 dB (whatever those numbers mean when no headphone is there for reference). On EU unit you can never go over the 100 mark and you get bumped back to 85 with a warning every 20 hours. The Japan unit can go beyond the 100 mark. Disabling the sound enhancement app gives more volume at the start of the range so easier to avoid the warning as it relates to how far up the...
Both because my unit comes up with the warning every 20 hours and turns the volume down by itself and because I have tried a EU and a Japan unit side by side
The volume cap on the EU ZX2 is certainly no myth or ghost but very real
As far as I know nobody have any idea why they did that.All personal music players sold in the EU after February 2013 are expected to have a default sound limit of 85dB.The user can choose to override the limit so that the sound level can be increased up to maximum 100dB. If the user overrides the limit, warnings about the risks must be repeated every 20 hours of listening time.These limits however only has any meaning when the impedance and sensetivity of a given...
Maybe there are no units in the wild yet
TRRS is well worth it. All my phones are balanced and I have a number of pig tails to all sorts of balanced and single ended terminations. The ZX2 seperate ground actually gives most of the benefits og fully balanced (darker background, cleaner tighter sound, better placement), it just does not give the greater power due to there being no inverter and hence no double voltage swing.
Yes Sony seems to be the only one with a volume cap. I have no idea why they do it
I have had my JH13 for about 6 1/2 years now and love them. The longest I've had any headphone.
I use JH13 with Whiplash TWau Reference trrs so a neutral iem
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