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You cant
A link is posted in the main DX90 thread
You cant save and restore them
Genre, Artist, Album is the standard break down of every player I've known. However if you press and hold an artist you get a menu that allows you to play all tracks under that artist. Same goes for a genre
It's tight but just press and push and it will come off. Putting it back it will not closse completely
You are right. This is from the SanDisk websiteAnd then you loose further space (as you allways have on any storage media) due to formatting (as they also write).So they are not lying but clearly they are playing on peoples normal understanding on the GB term in computer memory
I don't think you can save that. As far as I'm aware it resides inside the Android filesystem which is not accessible via usb
It's not gonna be right for everybody but it does everything I need in a dap
I didn't think wav had meta data at all
And you are likely to be missing a fair number of cover art and iTunes tags are frequently in a state that will trip the DX90 over
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