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I essentially ran mine non stop for the first 2-3 weeks I had it, listening a few hours each evening but otherwise on loop with the burn in cable.
According to iBasso gain and volume does not matter with the burn in cable. Yes you can run it all day.No
I'm using a Mugen 2300mah battery and getting about 6 hours per charge
I dont question that you hear what you hear. The problem is that you cant accept as valid or impartial that quiet a number of us hear things differently to you
That is a very strong statement. While I dont find the iPhone a bad device, I have been uding them for years as my on the go device as I cant be bothered to carry more than one device, I find the DX90 to be significantly better in all respects, even with 320kb aac and the few 256kb mp3 files I have allthough the lower down in file quality the smaller the difference. What kind of music and file resolutions do you base that on ?Living in a small country like Denmark modt...
I would expect to see about a 50/50 spread between them
So essentially what you are saying is that there are no differences between amps and dacs barring impedance mismatches they all should sound the same ?
Who's talking amps ???He's asking which dap out of the X5 and DX90 is likely to be the best match for his phones and music.
I have very few mp3's but the ones I have seem to play ok and show up correctly tagged
Going back to the original is somewhat complicated (and impossible on a Mac) but the following fw is a simple process
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