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Yes tagging classical is a pain. I normally go with the composer as artist, the name of the piece as album and the names of the movements (or numbers in operaes) as track titles but this is clearly a compromise and there are many recordings that dont lend themself to this style
In my opinion that is clearly a misuse of the song title, substantial parts of that belong in the artist and album tags, but I do realize that tagging is a highly personal preference
That is one long title, but why would anybody need to see that entire title on a dap screen ?
You must have extremely long titles then
Artist, album and track names are displayed in full, you just need to scroll it. Lyrics are not displayed. Random mode is of no interest to me personally as I always play one complete album from start to finish.
Volume control is digital and happens in the dac which is why it affects both headphone out and line out
Yes a XX/YY indication of playing track number out of how many tracks is the one thing I'm missing in the gui
I belive that is by design so that even at full eq you dont cause clipping
What are the highlights ?
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