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It certainly both depends on the user, the phone and the recording. If I were to go over 40% with either JH13 or Signature Pro I would be death
In airplane mode playing 16/44 flac driving JH13 trrs I get 20-25 hours per charge
Well I should know some by the end of next week when I get the A. Wonder if the 3,5 mm is actually trrs so my current cable will work as 4,4 mm plugs are not exactly available yet. Also for fair comparison I expect that the A also needs 3-400 hours burn in
I certainly don't expect the new players to blow away the ZX2, but perhaps a little better
You must listen loud then. I don't go over 20-25% on my EU ZX2 with JH13 before it gets unbeareable.Edit: Sorry, got your post the wrong way round
Yep, to import to Denmark from outside EU I have to add 25% VAT, 2% import tax and $30 customs handling fee.
When the first lightning iDevices came out Apple also released the lightning to 30-pin converter so that all 30-pin devices could continue to be used. This adapter is supposed to have a dac in it as Apple at that time public stated that lightning was digital only, no analog audio and no analog video (video not even with the adapter).
I'm pretty sure it is the phone and not the dongle that implements and enforces the EU cap
I have virtually no expectation, am just curious to see how it pans out
Oh I fully expect that what Amazon will send out to all next week is a black A since the Z is not available yet. I'm doing this mostly as an intellectual excercise to see how Amazon will handle this when people say this is not what the order confirmation stated. Under Danish law it is the sellers responsibillity to sell as advertised unless the price is so unreasonable that buyer had to know this was a fault. In this case the question will be if the buyer could find it a...
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