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It works well but really eats battery
Seems like you need to clean up your HD
Yep 2TB, but this is all theoretical since such cards dont exist. However some have used a 256GB full size sd card with an adaptor so it works at least to that size.
Yes that is also the only problem I have with gapless, otherwise it works perfectly
That would be really iritating if the line out was fixed so don't do that, abd at any rate since volume is done digitally in the dac I don't think that would be possible to have individual volumed
Read 10 posts back
The gain setting on the DX90 does not affect the line out of the DX90 so is irrelevant when using an external amp. On the other hand the gain setting on the external amp will matter
It might not be the display of the names that have the limit, it could be the library data structure
I am as far as I know the second owner of these and have owned them for about 6 months and the are in total about 1 3/4 years old. They are in perfect working order and come in the original box with all acessories. Cosmetic state is probably 8-9/10 as they show some patina due to use. I'm selling as they just get too little use. With the right music and recirdings they deliver some of the best sound I have heard from any headphone but with the wrong kind of music or...
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