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All my aac and flac (cd an hires) play to the end as well and gapless just works too
The wider frequency range the better
I've had that happen on 3 tracks, several times on each track. Replaying the track there has been no problem
When you enable eq the level is dropped 6dB across all frequencies to ensure that you cant overdrive the unit when you start using eq as the max you can add is 6dB
You can also use exFAT which I belive is the default. Formatting to fat32 I use the program guiformat.Popping the card in and out while powered on is fine and on DX50 was the only way to force a scan of the card
Not much pain. I use one of these
Yep swapping cards. I have 6 cards and I know that Jamato has close to 20 cards. And note that it uses microSD so max 128GB per card
In most cases there is no "need" to amp the DX90 and I wouldn't go out and buy an amp for it, but I already had the SR71-B and all my phones are balanced and in the configuration it does make a meaningfull difference
Not natively. It plays .dsf files but convert them to pcm before passing them to the dac
It's hard (impossible on Mac) to roll back to the original 2.0.0 fw. Newer fw is just like on DX50
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