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To me it makes a noticable difference that I find worth it
I call it pseudo balanced as it does not have the inverter to produce R+, R-, L+, L- but "only" R+, R0, L+, L0. However going from trs to trrs gives much the same feeling as going from single ended to balanced on my former SR71-B amp, you just don't get the extra power you normally get from fully balanced
Using trrs does not give any extra volume, it simply gives a seperate ground connection to each driver in place of the common ground on trs. This reduces crosstalk between channels resulting in a cleaner signal with less noise wich in turn gives a blacker background and more life to the sound.No enhacements to activate on ZX2 (rather try to disable the sound enhancements app as described earlier in this thread).
You can't in general say that ZX2 can't drive full size cans, the size of a headphone has no relation to how hard it is to drive. However more power would be welcome
The bottom one is probably a Meier Quickstep amp
My EU unit with the sound enhancements app disabled playing flac files with the stock player app is at 20-25% with JH13, 35-40% with Sig Pro and 60% with HE-500 (wich is loud enough but not optimally driven).
Compared to many other dap's ZX2 has lower max volume so pairing with the right phones is more critical
Yep bluetooth (and wireless in general) has made huge improvements the last years and I'm sure this will continue
You can't as it require a newer version of Android than what is on ZX2
As far as I'm aware that update can only be applied to Japan units and it does not upgrade the Android
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