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Sounds like a rma job
And then iBasso are bound to come out with something new and better as well ....
When you turn eq off all sliders stay in their last enabled position so when you turn it on you resume where you left of
For me it's a bit simpler. My main rig is in the bedroom so the HE-500 is for when I'm alone and the Sig Pro is for when the wife is there. The FA-003 is for my office rig. The Etymotics HF3 is for general out and about on the go with my iPhone. The Tzar350 lives in a Peli1010 case with the DX90 for my +100 yearly travel nights and the JH13 is for laying down night time listening at home
LOL. I've actually stuck to my 6 for about 1 1/2 year now and my JH13 are 5 1/2 years old and the HE-500 is 4 years old
JH13 Custom made Heir Tzar350 Etymotics HF3 HE-500 Signature Pro FA-003 All of them in regular use
I bought it solely as a dap. In my opinion they should never have announced that it could be used as a dac
Yes dimecard works great for the cards. I travel a lot and this is my nice compact rig
Yes only on Windows
You cant use the back cover with the 4400 but using the included silicone skin works fine to hold the battery in place
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