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Sure looks like it given he's only recently joined and is going on about this in several existing threads plus one specifically for this subject
Some very sensetive iem's will deliver audible sound at lower levels of volume than your iem's while my HE-500 headphones require more than 90 on low gain before sound is audible. It's just the way it is
It totally depends on your phone how high you have to turn the volume up. With my HE-500 I need high gain and about 220-230 where as with my JH13 I'm on low gain and about 120
Yes it is normal that the volume gets louder as you turn it up. How high you have to turn it up depends on your phones and how loud you like your music
It's only been a week since I last tried. It has been months since before that when it worked
I've used all versions except 2.3 with no problems. Am on 2.2 as I see no need to upgrade
Yep. It's an iPhone6. iTunes on my pc crashes the minute I click on a directory on the pc that contains flac files. It's been months since I last loaded things to FlacPlayer so All components (iTunes, iOS and FlacPlayer) have been updated since it last worked
With the latest iOS, iTunes and FlacPlayer iTunes crashes every time I try to load music to Flac Player
No clipping problems at all
Is your music coming from iTunes ?If it is a lot of the files might not have album art embedded but rather kept in iTunes proprietsry metadata structure
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