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$100 I think
Unless you have to use the box the consensus seems to be don't use it as it degrades sq
I finally gave in. 1Z on the way ......
It works fine now but I think it is a real concern that it might stop working at some point but nobody can tell you for sure
No you need a custom adapter that joins the 2 sides to a common ground stereo signal. The one you show just distributes a stereo signal to several single ended headphones
I'm running all my main phones balanced and then have a selection of pig tails to other terminations including single ended. To me that's the best way of covering all bases with the same headphone cable. And yes I find balanced to be worth it and give the kind of improvements you mention
I knew I had seen those diagrams before but could not find them
5 posts back. 4.4 is only for the new WM1 players. I can't answer your question about wich ground goes where as I don't know
And the 4.4
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