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A balanced headphone cable serves mainly 2 things. Eliminating the possibility of talk throurgh by eliminating the common ground and doubling the voltage swing with positive/negative signal rather than 0/positive.
It has probably something to do with processor load. A wav file does not require processing power to unpack it. The Colorfly C4 does not support hires flac as the processor can't cope with the unpacking so only support wav. Same with other purist players. On the DX90 I am unable to hear a difference but that does not mean it's not there or that some can hear it
Scan time depends on number of music files and size of album art. The more files and bigger album art the longer it takes. Takes 5-6 minutes to scan my 128GB card with flac cd rips
Better than DX90+amp or just different but more convenient ?
It supports .dsf files not iso images
The fw version number
I'm generally on high gain and slow roll off on all my phones. DX90 is such a pleasure to listen to that I no longer play around with it but simply just listen to the music
Lurker fw is cleaned up by removing not needed bits and some versions have different font but all are based on the iBasso fw.RockBox has a lot more options than the iBasso Mango player. Some prefer it on sound as well, I have not tried it, am perfectly happy with Lurker 2.1.15
The optimal size is supposed to be 107x107 or 109x109 (apparently DX50 and DX90 differs) but since I also use them on the pc I normally keep them at 300x300
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