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As I'm happy enough with 2.0.5 I have not tried it myself so unfortunately cant be of any help
Those are obviously valid points for you but certainly dont apply to everybody. I find the font and display to be fine, only thing I would like was a track number out of total tracks displayed. I have never experienced the cut of problem but have 3 times had the cut out and fade in problem, but replaying the same track nothing is wrong. Scanning of my 6 sd cards has posed no problem what so ever and the id3 tracks that form the database works fine (there were some non...
Have you followed the instructions in the first post of this thread ?
Yep, when I several years ago approached the Rockbox community about hires playback I was told in no uncertain terms to of as hires was just a useless hoax
Have you done a factory reset after upgrading ?
I'll compare it to the original Dragonfly once the 64 bit driver is out
Generally they dont really drop in price
That implies that they amplify the signal for a headphone
Yes gapless is always on. It didn't happen replaying the same track. And I only use the unit stationary and line out to an amp.
Yes this has happened to me on 3 tracks (several times on each track) but replaying the same track it did not happen again. This since 2.0.5. Never happened on the original FW. The sound suddenly cuts out and then after a few seconds fades back in
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