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I cant see any amp in that pricerange bettering the build in amp. The only real reason I'm using my SR71-B with the DX90 is because I allready had it and my phones are balanced, I would probably never haf gone out and bought an amp for the DX90
Each sd card has it's own database/cache directory for the files on the card as does the internal memory and then there is some kind of master directory on the internal memory as well
OTG is for connecting a USB storage device. An external amp you connect via line out
Yep, getting it to close properly is near impossible
There are mechanical relays in the DX90 that click twice on power on and off
So it doesn't do hires as a dac ?
I use a Mugen 2300 mah battery
SilverEars seem to specilize in and thrive on insulting people
Yes both the microsd card and the internal memory should show up as drives as long as the unit is powered up when you connect it to the pc. On my pc it only works connected directly to the pc but not when connected to my powered usb3 dock.
Vinnies words were that it was impossible to do balanced LO due to the way the signal path is designed. I have no knowledge to comment on that, just his words
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