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Plugging through my usb3 port replicator the computer does not see the DX90 but plugging directly to one of the buikd ports on my computer works fine
You may or may not like the sound and operation of one of the newer firmwares better. Going back to 2.0.0 can be a pain or impossible (if on Mac).
You need to place the file in the root of the internal memory
You need to download the drivers for your pc. No Mac support as of yet. And the on the DX90 you need to change to usb mode to dac in the settings menu
I think it's keep volume up pressed while you power it onOops. Didn't see that it had already been answered
The thing is iBasso have repeatedly stated that they dont change the sound between fw versions
I often do get the gap between track 1 and 2 but no gap between the remaining tracks
EQ is not on by default but off. The EQ On is a button that you press to turn eq on not a state indicator
Are you sure the covers are embedded in the files ? If you come from iTunes often the cover art is not in the music files but in iTunes metadata database
Heavy metal I dont listen to much but what I have I'm not sure I could tell 320kb and flac apart
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