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Yes. The only time in over a year my ZX2 has been rebooted was when it was fed a fat32 card which crashed the machine and rebooted it
Seems you get a bit more usable storage compared to ZX2 where 113GB are available
And as far as I know every other Sony dap for EU
The EU rule (and it is for all EU countries) specify 2 limits, 85dB that can be disabled (but has all sorts of nags and warnings when you go over) and 100dB that can not be disabled. The rule is for the device WITH the included headphone to have a baseline so Sony do not even have to do this as they don't include headphones.
I expect that before long most cable manufacturers will offer this, just as soon as the 4,4 plug becomes generally available
We certainly all hear things differently and have different preferences. My EU capped ZX2 with sound enhancements disabled never goes over 50% when driving my Sig Pro (not DJ), anything over that would be way too loud for me
ZX2 yes but these new ones should have a lot more power
After a lot of agonizing I decided to cancel my order with Amazon and stick with my very excelent ZX2. I just couldn't justify spending the money.
I've got a 200GB and the price for the extra capacity in one card is worth it for me
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