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Yes I have a number of pig tails for various purposes as all my phones are terminated balanced (JH13 to trrs and my two full size to Kobicon) so I have pig tails to trs and 2 x 3-pin xlr from both. Diy made or from Whiplash Audio who have made my cables
There might be a difference but I dont see any way to know if the difference was due to to it beeing fully balanced or just the different flavour of the other dap in general. All I can say is that there is a worthwhile difference going from trs to trrs with ZX2
It is pseudo balanced as it has seperate ground but not the inverted signal. The change going from trs to trrs is much the same as I got going from singled ended to balanced with the SR71-B amp. You cant really compare to another dap that is fully balanced as the major part of that difference will be the general difference between the two daps and not the balanced effect.
Yes just leave it on. Mine has not been powered down since september.
Since I'm using my ZX2 exclusively as a dap with flac files the supplied version of both player app and Android is plenty fine
Sony ZX2 with Sony flip top case and JH13 with TWau Reference cable trrs terminated
It's Android 4.2. What Music app are you talking about ?
I assume you are referring to what Jan Meier is doing whith some of his amps, but that does not require trrs and Sony only refers to it as seperate ground hence the trrs.http://www.meier-audio.homepage.t-online.de
For balanced you need 4 seperate wires, 2 for each driver. For propper balanced you need R+, R-, L+ and L-. ZX2 is pseudo balanced delivering R+, R0, L+ and L0 so 4 seperate signals but no inverter
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