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Many will, me included
I'm not saying there is no difference in sound, I'm just saying that actual performance difference is not the only parameter why people pay huge amounts for some things
This is no different to watches. A $10 watch will tell time practically as well if not better than a $10.000 or more hand made Swiss watch that certainly does not have materials that cost 1.000 times more but people still buy them. It is not just a matter of the main function of a thing but to many people just as much or more the feel of the thing, the pleasure of having/using/showing of a given product. You have to look at these uber expensive objects from a completely...
To be fair we don't know if it is Sony or Amazon themselves that have made up the dates. At least Amazon don't charge until they ship
Just got an email from amazon uk esentially saying, sorry but we have no idea when we are going to ship any of these
Actually on an EU iPhone the user can decide if he wants the volume cap active or not and what the max volume should be. I don't know if there is a second hard wired volume cap that can't be bypassed
Well we are several who have bought but Sony don't want to deliver yet
Spain and UK don't show the A at all. Germany has it with an expected delivery between 1 and 3 months. All 3 have the Z with expected release date 4th October.I'm just leaving my order sitting quietly and seeing what will eventually happen
No it's there. I hear it with my JH13, but only when no music is playing. Once the music is playing I don't hear it so it's not bothering me
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